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Just putting this out there. As of April 2017 some water boards are capping water meter bills pending circumstances previous bills .I'm with Southern water and spoke to them yesterday in regards to it they said it's for certain benefits pensioners esa pip lots of them worth a call and a chat to your waterboard and make an enquiry it can be up to 25 % of your 6 monthly water usage bill may not sound a lot but over the long term worth it xxx

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  • Thanks Angie, will check that out. Xxx

  • Thanks Angie will pass the info on to other users. I presume the reduction is for those with water meters only. Don't have one myself but know others who do.

  • I'm not sure I only enquired in regards to mine which is a meter sorry but worth calling them Katie x

  • Thanks again Angie will have to investigate myself for users in my area.

  • Don,t know if i am teaching grannys/or grandads to suck eggs here(got to be P.c)don.t forget to register with your water supplier and other utilities to be on thier priority services register given your conditions so that in the event of stoppages.power cuts etc you will recieve a more rapid response and back up than the normal punter,especially important with regard to electriciy supply to avoid having to worry about running out on your back up cylinder and also if the hot weather repeats itself,especially in drought prone areas you will be first in line for the bottled water.Its a free service and relatively easy to organise over the phone.during a recent power cut i was i was kept well advised of works progress and anticipated restoration of supply which was very reassuring whislt looking after my wife.best wishes and enjoy the cooler weather on the way.mike

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