Cooper and Sophie

Cooper and Sophie

Just found this photo Sophie is an average sized cat she is also a Spanish rescue who I got a few months after Cooper. It's quite a good comparison to the actual size of Cooper. Everyone who sees him is amazed and say they have never seen such a large cat and whatever do we feed him on. I know there are many much larger cats but they are particular breeds. The second photo is a Spanish wild mountain cat. Rosabeth

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  • Wow some difference there! Xxx

  • I've seen smaller dogs

  • When I took Cooper to the vet for his snip I left him with one vet in the morning and it was a different vet when I picked him up he was French and as he put him in my arms he said "This ees not a cat it is a leetle dog" and he was a way off being full grown. Rosabeth

    P.S. I think I could write a book about Cooper.

  • you should write a book 😆

  • Yes, do.

  • Eddie is a large cat weighing around 6.5 kg.

  • Hello Rosabeth.

    They are gorgeous! Looking so snug too. The French doctor's exclamation made me laugh. Bless them. xx 🐈🐈💜

  • They're both gorgeous!

  • They look very comfortable don't they cooper Definitley a big boy xx

  • Gorgeous cats :-) Cooper - what a great name! We had a very large cat used to visit us. He was way too big to use the cat flap and we always had to open the door for him. Folks said same thing; that he was like a dog!

  • Okay, I'm officially in love with Cooper! ❤ 💝 😻

  • They both look lovely I have too cats myself poppy is a tabby and Mia a moggy with a lot of seal point she is bigger than poppy and we call her the fat cat but she is no where near as big as Cooper

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