Heart problems

Just spent all day in A&E on Sunday,went to a booty ,had some angina so took spray & waited till the hammering in my head reduced walked across the pavement to the first stall & stumbled onto it felt really ill.Came home rang 111 result medic came out them ambulance, result from hospital was go home & await another consultation with heart guy. 10am to 19.30 hrs

I have been told by heart consultant that I have a blockage which is too long & too close to my heart to do anything about it,I have six stents now, I am limited to what I can do,OK just sitting around but on moving get tired & breathless, iron levels near normal & last week blood consultant told me it was not blood problem but heart as blood levels near normal.

It just feels like I have been sent out to await final heart attack,surly some thing must be able to be done,I am 75 now,if I can get the pump sorted maybe get a bit longer.

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I do sympathise as I am in the same boat though for different cardiac reasons, and they don't really know what to do with me. Keep hanging in there, they may think of something yet. Blessings xx

Thanks for your reply carnival567 I feel great just sitting around,had a short walk in park this morning with dog.rang consultants secretary yesterday & was given 21st June for an appointment,hope they do think of something as I am sure this will have happen to others.

Hope they come across a solution to your problem hang in there best wishes x

Many thanks time-2-drink,I hope some one was a solution.

Hello Bootyasddict. So sorry to read your post. I don't have much in way of advice but I wish you well. Sending a gentle hug.

Cas xx 🌷

Many thanks Cas.

Sorry to hear of your problems leading to some loss of mobility. Hope they can do something to get you back up again. I too love to potter round a boot sale .

Hi Joyce74,been going to boot sales for years now & love the banter,had some great bargains as well.Just got back from shops one supermarket & finished had to back to car,no energy left.

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