Wish things were easier

I really miss the little things that I took for granted like walking into a theater casually without stopping for breath going to a restaurant and not worrying how far the parking lot is way as it was no problem getting there. I am thankful today because tomorrow I may not even be able to get out of bed at least today I went to the movies with my sister she had to help me that we enjoyed the movie together and then we went to have lunch I had to lie down after getting home as I was tired at least they have not been in the hospital in over a year and I've only had to use antibiotics once this year I am thankful for that I really hate going to the hospital

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Hang onto the good things, going out with your sister is great. Gratitude is so important and has much more of an influence on us than we expect. The more grateful we are the more things we find to be grateful for. Weird? Yes, but true. And don't beat yourself up about feeling sad about your losses. Grieve for them. They are real and need to be faced up to and accepted.

I guess you are in America? Movies was a give-away. I looked to see if you had gone to the Emergency Room. But no mention. The other one is pulmonologist.

You are now going to tell me you are born and bred cockney?

All the best


You missed parking lot and theatre 😊

Yup. Parking lot. But theatre? We have those here? What's American about theatre?

It was the spelling however my iPad corrrected it to the English version!


Yes sometimes my phone has a mind of its own.


I am in the US I live in Portland. Oregon. I have managed she stay out of the hospital for fourteen months now. Doing much better then I was a year ago but long way to go yet.

Katinka, your so right about gratitude, once you begin to be grateful you begin to accept and acceptance brings peace of mind.

Wise woman. Yes. There are strange psychological dynamics around acceptance. Having lived with my Best Beloved for 25 years since his accident and disabling spinal injuries I have observed the balance between acceptance and striving to get better in him and in the others on the spinal injury unit. Very tricky balance. Melanie Reid writes in The Times every Saturday about precisely these matters.



Kate xx

Yes, there's a big difference between accepting and giving in - very tricky.

Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself, glad to here you had a great day pit with your sister. And its fantastic that you have not been in hospital for a long while, and that you haven't really needed any antibiotics. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

Treasure the things you still can have or do , don't think of what might have been. You are doing very well long may it continue. Having said that I do understand the feelings you get its hard to be flexible and avoid problems when out. I have a silly little one , spilling things but my freinds are used to it and I always carry tissues. Lots of problems when they use fog on stage shows too , need to adjust our outings ect to suit our illness . I hate the hospital too only go when needs be. Anyway try to keep well and have a little enjoyment hope to speak to you again soon x

I am OK I was just feeling a little more frustrated then usual. Yesterday turned out better as I went on my usual walk to strengtheny lungs. Got caught outside as someone was barbecuing and I had to wait for the smoke to die down. Almost got caught in a storm.

Yes barbecues are another hitch, but a lovely thing to do. It is all the different things that effect, keep up your walking I do but I am very slow. I do lots of things different these days, nothing wrong with adapting better than stuck in four walls every day. Have a nice evening.

Hi Roessner. Yes Katinka is so right about acceptance. I have been married over 40 years and during that time I have learnt to accept my wifes cooking, complaining to me, spending all my money on silly things like gardening and grandchildren etc. Having accepted all that, it has made my wife feel much better. I'm off to start up the BBQ now so take care, exercise, do sit ups in the theatre and at home you can relive those action movies. xx

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