Mitrazapan 45mg

Been on Mitrazapan since january roughly had all three strengths they don't seem to be calming my anxiety and depression was wondering what tablets worked for you .I have tried purse lipped breathing counting down from 300 missing. 3 numbers out eg 297 294 as suggested on here along with a little pray may you be well also suggested so now need to try to get tablets changed any one had a success with one thanks

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I only take tablets if I am forced to. Went on pain control course a few years ago and was sent to aqua class where they found I couldn't even walk in deep water without severe pain. They ended up just floating me and the relaxation without weight was wonderful. I left for Spain just as the course finished and in Spain I had my own pool so continued with the floating. Things improved over time but with the damage to my spine it will never be perfect. I also learnt deep breathing which still works wonders for me if I get stressed. I also find music is soothing. I have no real success with tablets as I get severe reactions to them.Rosabeth

Good afternoon. Hope your pain is bit better today well a lot better .Unfortunatley me and the swimming. Pool don't get on and always had fear of water but in Tunisia decided to have a go at the lazy river very brave went to sit on tyre fell of went under Frank had to rescue me then go back for my glasses lol .I know you and tablets don't mix need to get more practise with the breathing .Love Margaret x

Medication for depression is SO individual and it can take time to work out correct dosage and correct mix for a person.

I also take mitrazapine 60mg and also Venlafaxine 150mg. They once tried to put me on higher dosage of Venlafaxine but I had serious nasty side affects.

With regards your anxiety I think you have been doing REALLY well recently. Going to different appointments and so on. Take each little step forward and be proud of yourself. It will take time but you are moving in the right direction.

One thing that has struck me with your postings is I am not convinced you were properly explained to about your oxygen. From the postings you seem to indicate that you expect it to aid breathlessness? That is not what oxygen is for. It is to ensure your organs get enough oxygen to work properly. So when you talk about difficulty breathing the oxygen won't help in that area and I am worried you have been misinformed and this is causing some anxiety.

What is happening re Pulmonary Rehabilitation for you? People DO find the program very helpful. It will work in a safe environment to increase your level of activity. It will also give information about lung issues. I have found my second course of PR very helpful. They teach you that breathlessness is a part of activity/exercise. And not necessarily something to worry about. And I have been known to pass out due to breathlessness so it IS a big deal that I have better understanding when breathlessness is ok because of what I am doing and when I need to stop and use breathing exercises because it is becoming dangerous.

Hope you get onto a course soon.

Thanks for your reply Bevvy .I wasn't told anything about the oxygen it was just more or less dumped on me my GP told me it wouldn't help with the breathing .I know that the 45 mg of Mitrazapan is not sufficient to do any thing for my anxiety which seems to get worse by the day and coping with the pain and sweats along with sleeplessness is burning me out .ive tried all sorts odd diffrent methods to try to calm myself down I think I'm starting PR. End of May beginning of June at the momment I'm back on abs and steroids waiting for results of sputum test to see if I will need ciproflaxin again thanks Margaret

Too be honest replies such as yours REALLY annoy me! What is wrong with the medical profession? How on earth can you be given something as serious as oxygen with no information and no support! It's no wonder you have been struggling with it.

As well as needing suitable information about what oxygen is for and how to use it. The emotional ramifications of having oxygen must be huge.

Am pleased you are going to do Pulmonary Rehabilitation - you will learn when breathlessness is ok and also they will help you regain some of your confidence. They will also explain about lung disease and how important it is to exercise as much as possible.

Your trips to hospice should help.

Finally when they sort out appropriate meds for depression and anxiety hopefully that will help. I hope along with meds you are also receiving some counselling? I think CBT could be helpful to you.

Thanks Bevvy there's talk of me having CBT at the hospice I am sure I still have infection I am taking Doxycillin and steroids like doctor said but waiting for results of sputum to see if I will need ciproflaxin again been constant infections all year at the end of my tether still having bad sweats and horrid pain surely I could be made more comfortable than I am fearful of what's going to happen take care

I loved lorazepam that I doctor took me off of it because of it causing early Alzheimer's ozone layer on 5 milligrams it works so quickly though

Thanks but what is early ozone layer please I need something at momment very scared sats 86 heart rate 155 best wishes

If you have been on the drug since January and don't feel better T2D, it's time you tried something else, as many times as it takes, until your GP finds the one that works for you.

I personally, would not go more than 6/7weeks, without going back and asking for something else.

I had 3 different types, over 18 weeks, before finding the one that finally worked. The relief from the torture was immense. xx

They started me on 15mgwent up to 30 now on 45. One at night I get frightened to go to bed cos can't sleep. Bad pain sweats and breathless. Doctor doesn't seem to listen I have tramadol and oramorph but not much help everything seems to be getting worse I have absolute panic having a bath or shower tonight my heart rate went to 155 hope I can be given something that works to. Take care xx

Hey Time 2 drink , I was given 50mg of Sertraline that has worked for my anxiety and has stopped my panic attacks I haven't had one since. x

A thanks I do hope I can get something that works because on top of feeling really poorly the panic is to much so I am speaking to matron tommorow to see if she can speak to the doctor take care x

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