SHOCKED After Watching Confessions Of A Junior Doctor

SHOCKED After Watching Confessions Of A Junior Doctor

Just finished watching confessions of a junior doctor and was shocked to see NHS practicing social genocide based on economics in my shocked diseased opinion.

Quite worrying as doctors decided to denie elderly dementia patient suffering gangrene life saving treatment AS saving here life would not improve here quality of life as she had dementia and was living in a rest home.

Totally disgusted and every diseased person dementia suffer should worry about desions being made on quality of life and economics and life saving treatment you wont get.

Shocked & Disgusted

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Didn't see that episode JeffAjaxSmith but on another issue you posted about ,this may be of interest?

An app called Fuel service and its a free ap. The developer himself is disabled and wanted to provide an app that would mean they will make arrangements in advance and help with refuelling etc. Obviously you ring the Ap tell them which garage you're going to and fingers crossed its plain sailing from there onwards. I've been in correspondence with them but not yet tried it out. Its a non profit organisation. Take a look,what have you to loose? How is Dad doing at the moment- behaving himself I hope?


Hi cheers program was shocking really doctors said could take months weeks for her to die.

No treatment just bandage and sent back to rest home.

As to fuel post ya right disabled do need help when i was bad i did not have strength to pull pipe from pump .

Is nice to know this others working on fixes than just writing us off like those dementia patients.

The app is free to download from the Google Store and it could be handy to have you never know?!?

Only found out from wellfair rights and that was only because worker was disabled.

She got pack from ASDA petrol station

Pack you say?

Got the ap and phoned a shell garage. No one answered phone. Then tried a GP garage not mention on ap and had very good result with them coming out and filling my car, hence won't use ap again.

Ps may I also say I did watch programme and they did say also that they didn't think that she was well enough for surgery and probably would not get through it.

Have seen first hand when my dad had sepais what hospital do if left to own devices.

My experiance os dementa patents tolarate operations better than those young fit who would panic.

I completely agree that economics should not interfere with clinical decisions.

But in this case, my understanding was that the only further treatment they could offer was an above-knee amputation. The surgeon told the woman's son that this was an option, but that, in view of her fraility, that was likely only to intensify her suffering.

I disagree .. So is not stoping treatment and her long drawn out death not going to causes suffering.

I don't really know how that works.

Perhasp we should stop treating those like us or disabled as we are going to get know beter.

Hi Jeff, glad to hear you got your fuel dilema sorted for future , keep trying so we as disabled can get other things bettered. I raised the issue if poor quality paper cups in the dentist, they were changed but now they are back to the old style, some are so thing they squash when you pick them up. As for the program on TV it just shows how undignified end of life can be if you are not totally mentally capable, but a good show for mental awareness w eek don't you think.? Shows what really goes on sad as it may be., but may have served this ladies best interest and her family.

Is shocking disgracfull god knows what my dad felt when he heard that on TV

Lucky my dad as me so be no killing going on THEY take the p*** with good death HOW about good treatmment and good life.

yes Jeff I agree with you what about best treatment now giving us a better life, rather than money spent on research into how to give people a good dying experience. Surely making a patient, comfortable, no pain and suffering, with dignity is part of the care training for medical staff or am I wrong again??

I was appalled when elderly family member went into hospital chest infection left to dehydrate ,

Left I soiled pants ect left unable feed themselves , told DNR was option 😑 But it was not option they don't need your permission it's a disgrace ! Also seen peeps put on line only 45 yrs old find out after being released from hospital that DNR was on there notes with out being asked person had copd !!! How can this be going on ? Imagine saying to older person about DNR ? Even when told it would scare them !! That's enough for them give up the will to live !!!

I know our NHS is under extreme pressure at the moment and I'm for everyone who works on the hospital wards , it's not there fault ! Its government cutting funds and staff ! But since when have we become a society that gives up on the elderly and ill playing god on who lives or dies ? Purely on funds !😑😒😒

My impression was they intended to let her have a dignified end of life. Away from a busy surgical ward and excellent pallative care.


Which episode was this on? Sometimes this happens just because of age. As soon as doctors saw my Dad's age (90) they had him dead. I had to keep insisting that he was strong, still driving and bowling and swimming three mornings a week. They looked at me patronisingly and said he wasn't a candidate for ICU as they might need it for someone else and that I wasn't to expect him to improve. Well despite them he was sitting up and eating breakfast the next morning! Unfortunately the same doctors were not there to see him. I would have loved to have seen their faces. Even more so that they might change their opinions on helping older patients.

Your right i found if was not vocal hospital had free rain IT was only when i asked and went mad my dad started getting treatment for his sepsis.

Is shocking as the need someone impartial looking out for them.

Yes, you definitely need someone there with you.

Your right it's going on all over the country if old the neglect is rife , how can peeps be dehydrated when in hospital ? Because they know the person needs a cup with 2 handles and leave them get on with it you can contact PALS at ur local hospital and report it but then u get staff being hostile !

Don't let that put you off at least it's documented on record ! Be warned after countless requests for drinking cup fam member could. Hold and not scold themselves with ect notes were not on there chart for this or fact needed help feed while ill it was an every day struggle to make sure it got through to staff !!

Bell ringer put out of reach ect when. The hospitL says your not fit to treat because your old ect or will cost money not the fact you paid in contributions to have nhs for treatment , you need be vigilant about your family member 😒😑!!!

The Liverpool pathway to send peeps on there way was stoped and illegal yet seems normal practice being used on your loved ones !

I think its totally disgusting, didn't they take an oath to preserve life and not leave anyone to die painfully and suffer.What's happening to our marvellous NHS, I know it stretched butt that's not the point. Sorry if I have upset anyone, but I stand by what I say.xx Bernadette

How is it preserving life if they belive that the patient will not survive the operation?

Yea agree on one hand but they are not attempting to help. Elderly ect because there old not because they won't live it's a cost thing ! There neglected to point of death some not even getting pain relief !

I do agree with you, how would they know about the quality of life we would lead. I thought genocide was illegal xxx

Because they have had a lot of medical training and experience unlike you or me.

I understand what you are saying but they can't know about the quality of life some people would lead. Xxx

Amputation is a very big operation and quite long too. The actual post operation period is usually very hard too and I wonder if they thought she was too frail to have the op and survive surgery. The son could have disputed what was being said but he didn't, so maybe he felt the same?

I remember reading a post on here about a man arguing with doctors about his mother's care in hospital when he found they had a DNR instruction on her notes. He posted here a couple of years later to say that, despite that, his mother had recovered and was leading a happy life, seeing her grandchildren, sitting in the sunshine and enjoying her newspaper and novels. Too many doctors play God, in my opinion, and too many times it seems to be linked to resources. Disgusting.

I totally agree with

Unfortunately the elderly and infirm are a fiscal liability to a Government that reduces everything to a financial sum. It is not the doctors and nurses who are starving the NHS of resources, it is government policy.

The only way this can change is via the ballot box.

Your so right I saw this happen with. Fam members ! It's a disgrace you are ignored

Not answering for the rights and wrongs of this, but did they not express concern about her ability to withstand the amputation and if they did amputate would her quality of life be improved.

She was,nt my mum so not sure how I would respond, but I did think it was a sensible solution and her son accepted this

Nobody wants to loose their Mum,Dad, Wife, Husband or any family member, but that dosent give us the right to put them through Hell on Earth , trying everything possible to keep them just a little bit longer. A couple of days before my Wife died she asked "am I going yet, I think I've had enough" it was only then that I realised how selfish the Family had been, telling her to take this tablet or try this medicine, What about her pain, Where was her quality of life.

Think about it.... you wouldn't put your pet animal through this.

Each situation is different and a doctor should not be able to play god.

She could not of walked so was already chair bed bound BUT was happy eating.

So what right as doctor got to say whats in here best intrest.

My view is they was going to let her die or help her on her way as it was in there best interest and states.

There is already issues of doctors not giving dementia patients antibiotics

Is a disgrace and like a say WHOs interest was it in as she looked quite happy.

I agree 😑 Withholding care when there ok happy who has. Right to say no treatment it's disgusting!

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