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I'm getting the feeling some one has it in for me big time this morning when I woke after fitfull sleep my oxygen tubing had come of has anyone else had this happen I'm having a panic now my niece has phoned and wants to take me out tomorrow my husband told her yes but I don't want to at the momment don't want to get out of bed I am frightened about going out being in pain and sweating also Bing on abs in all truthfulness has any body else been like I am and come through it and living some sort of normal life my breathing has also been bad today to be honest at the momment I am feeling a bit manic

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I have read a few posts where oxygen tubing has dislodged during the night. It must happen from time to time.

It would be nice to be taken out but how would you cope? Maybe a short trip in the fresh air would work but controlled by you.

Wishing you well. Xxxxx

Thank you sassy I will think it over xxxx

"Infamy, infamy, they all have it in-for-me." Who was it that said that? My wife used to have that trouble with her tubing and I found cutting an inch or two off the end of the tube before putting it back on tightened it up.

I would not recommend anyone start cutting their tubing.

Kenneth Williams as Julius Caesar in Carry on Cleo.

Good grief! So it was, thank you. :-)

It happens. If it comes off regularly do get back to your oxygen supplier to ask about trying different cannula to find one that stays in better. Don't worry. :)

Will do they are coming tomorrow with ambultory

If you don't think you can't cope then don't do it, its very hard to overcome a fear like yours. You need to feel comfortable about going out , but if you feel you can do it then good luck. Don't worry about what others think,you have to feel comfortable and confident in what you do. Take care,๐Ÿ˜Š xx Bernadette

The thing is Frank really wants me to go and he thinks that once I am out I will be ok he is good but finds it hard to understand how I am feeling and I think he finds it difficult that there is nothing he can do to make me feel better take care Margaret xxxx

It must be hard for him, I know Kev my husband finds it hard especially when I get depressed. But hang in there Margaret, yoou never know one day you may surprise yourself. ๐Ÿ˜Š xxx Bernadette

It is hard for them and I don't suppose I make it easy when I tell him it's ok for him he can walk away wouldn't it be nice if we could xxx

it certainly would, must be nice to be fit and well, and able to keep up with them xxx๐Ÿ˜Š

I can really identify with you. My husband gets very frustrated and starts saying things like ... it will be good for you!! Huh! Sometimes he's right, and sometimes he's wrong. I know that I can't do something that makes me feel really anxious. It's just not worth it. If I'm anxious I'm in danger of a shortness of breath (something I'm used to all the time really) turning into a full blown panic attack! Little steps are what's needed here. I am also on oxygen and also have ambulatory oxygen. I go out on my own with it in the car, but only if I know where I'm going to. It's a matter of building up confidence, but that's fragile and mine can be shot to pieces if I get badly out of breath and really struggle to get it back under control.

I know my husband has to put up with a hell of a lot putting up with me with my disability. Not what either of us had planned for our retirement! Sometimes he's brilliant ... others he's just rubbish!! Bless him :-)

Don't worry if the nasal canula drops off your nose occasionally. I've got used to it and seem to half wake and pop it back on. I hope having the ambulatory oxygen will help you build up your confidence a little bit at a time.

Best of luck.


I really admire you going out in the car I wish I had learned to drive can't even ride a bike not that I could now lol my problem is I have got to scared to move and spend most of day sitting or lying in bed I know it is wrong but get so agitated I have got a assesment for PR next week maybe that will help i don't know I know things can't stay like they are take care xx

I'm sure going to PR really would help you a lot. And you'd be going somewhere that everyone knows what you might be going through. I'm sure you'd feel safe there. ... And that's what it's all about really - well certainly for me - feeling safe is everything. Let us know how you get on. Mx

Thanks Michelle will let you know how things go that's if I get accepted i didn't realise that there was quite a wait between assesment and going on the course until I read Lillian's post the thing is how do we know we are going to be fit to go on that date or indeed for the assesmentthere I go anxiety creeping in again x

It surely would I have just made a pig of myself with a box of chocolates if I could as a child I would have been told of for not eating my meals and eating rubbish I don't know how true this is but my breathing at the momment is not to good could the chocolate have anything to do with it or is it just coincidence xxx

Hope you enjoyed the chocolate Margaret. There has to be a little bit of enjoyment in life. If you really, really don't want to go tomorrow don't go, you don't need to get stressed out anymore than you are. Probably do Frank good to get out, is there anyone who could come and stay with you while he goes out with your niece? I wish I lived nearer!! I hope you have a better night. Love Lilian xxxxxx

Hi Lillian Frank isn't going it was just me to give frank a bit of time to himself and Donna wants me to get out and about she is worried about me there is no one to be with me when Frank does go out he is not to happy with me at the momment he made me something to eat I told him I didn't want anything he went ahead anyway and can't understand why I can't eat it are you already for your assesment tomorrow will be thinking about you have you recorded little boy blue I am going to have to watch last weeks again I didn't take it all in love Margaret xxxx

You and Frank are bound to get irritated with each other with all the stress you are going through. Mac and I were always falling out when I was ill, we still do!! Do you think it would do Frank good to have a bit of time to himself? Just do what you can do Margaret. I recorded LBB, not watched it yet. Have a good night's rest and will talk tomorrow. Love Lilian xxxxxx

Sleep well Lillian Frank has had quite a bit of time to himself whilst I've been in hospital at the momment he is having a vodka and tonic he got back about 9 have a good day tomorrow love Margaret xxxx

I just hope you are fast asleep by now I am late to bed tonight as I have been doing too much today and kept falling asleep all evening.. yes I have had panics and asthma attacks and thought I would never ever be normal again, if my daughter read this she would say " When are you ever normal .mum" I still get odd days where I don't want to get up or don't want to go out. Over the years these days have got fewer and I would say that in the main I have come through but for a long time I never thought I would. I have learnt to accept my limitations and make the best of what I have. John gets impatient with me at times I think it would be strange if he didn't, but tonight we have had such a laugh we were putting the ear drops in the cats ears, Sophie first she complained and then ran off and hid so now for Cooper John held him wrapped in a towel I administered the drops Cooper is so strong and he suddenly objected he escaped from John but he bit him (only a little) on his head John let him go but as he shot off he somehow got Johns glasses wrapped round him it was hilarious to see this cat wearing a pair of glasses round his shoulders and John saying where are my glasses I was laughing so much I couldn't tell him but in the end I managed John set of to find him to find he was still wearing the glasses like a trophy. One thing I can't do is to have a really good laugh and yes you guessed the laugh turned into cough which took ages to settle my eyes are still stinging and my chest feels like I have been run over by a truck. it was worth it I only wish I could have got a video. John is having a day without me tomorrow he is going in to help my son in law at the shop and he has a bowling match in the evening so I shall be on my own for about 12 hours.not happy about it but I think it will help to keep John sane my daughter will be on the phone all day. L could go with him to the shop but it's too long a day the chairs are not comfortable and it's too cold for me.

I hope you feel more cheerful tomorrow. Love Rosabeth.

Good afternoon rosaBeth your tales about cooper certainly entertained me and I'm sure others on this site can't wait for the next episode I bet you can though lol you make it sound like a episode of all creatures take care love Margaret x

They say laughter is the best medicine I always like to have a laugh and try not to take life and it's wow S. To seriously have.you tried. Family guy it's on most nights it's not everyone's cup of tea It's like a cartoon for growns. Take care. Keep. Smiling . Paul

Thanks Paul I have had a laugh thanks to a good friend on here entertaining me with tales . Of her cats they are so funny x

I agree laughter is the best medicine. I have a very strange sense of humour I tend to laugh at things that other people don't find funny and things they laugh at leave me cold. I have always been the same. I am sorry I don't like Family Guy I was looking forward to the new series of Car Share but have not found it very good this time the only bit that really amused me was the monkey with the seat belt on I also only like bits of Mrs Browns Boys and am not keen on the new series of round to her house. My husband and son in law are the best comedy act I know they would make a great tv show. My daughter and I call them the new Laurel and Hardy. Keep well and laughing. Rosabeth

I only like bits of Mrs Brown now seems it is just bits and pieces lost a lot of oomph and I think the Cathy Brown bit a waste of time we record it and spend most of the time skipping through it my brother and sister in law went to see the live show last year they said that was very good .I don't know if you seen the film but that was very disappointing xx

Yes seen the film, very disappointed.i think most of Mrs Brown is a waste of time it the next series is no better I shan't Watch it. Take care Rosabeth

Me neither save space on the hard drive anyway you know I haven't been eating over the weekend and yesterday well I could really fancy your lunch time sandwich shame Frank gone to chemist and left his phone on dining table good job I ok at momment xxx

Don't know what is happening with our messages, I have just found this one. I wish I could have shared my lunch with you, John is really bad with his phone he remembers to take it fully charged but when bowling he turns it off I keep telling him to keep it on vibrate and then he will know he has had a call and can ring me as soon as possible but he then leaves it in his bag. I had to call the bowling club once but that won't work when he is on an outside green. But I think if I am able to call him I am able to call 111.

Recipe for Frank to make your sandwich.Spread thick Philadelphia cheese on both slices of bread then but salmon on one slice squeeze lemon on salmon then ground black pepper put the other slice on to cut into 4 and there you are. That's how I like it. There are so many things I can't eat because of my diabetes and my fatty liver and gout so I make things as tasty as possible. I do sometimes think that I am going to be told I can't eat anything just water and then they will stop that. Did I tell you I have an overactive imagination. Love Rosabeth.

Seems the gremlins are at work that sandwich sounds lovely I am having a bit of a problem with my breathing trying to distract myself from it never been taught the breathing thing seen it on you tube but think I need to actually be shown I've read leaflets but I think when you panic everything goes out of your head I know should sit forward with a cushion but trying to do that when you are sweating cobs and in pain what a palaver .I wish the doctors would put everything on script for same day they have give me oramorph for 2weeks tramadol for 4 other things diffrent dates trying to keep track is a nightmare I hope your evening is going well .ive just realised the oxygen nurse is coming oh made a mistake its next week it's annoying that she is coming between 8.30 and 17.00 another early morning it wouldn't be so bad if they could give a approximate.The matron is coming on the 12 /5 but that is the day I have to go to hospice she arranged it for initial 4weeks Frank phoned the secretary to let her know said she would be in touch still waiting you watch she will come early that morning if it Carey's on like this I will end up back in hospital I tell you what I hate about hospital above anything is asking for oxygen to go to toilet and being told give me 5minutes which invariably turns into 20 and stresses me out love Margaret x

Thank you

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ (thinking of the cat with glasses)

Hi rosaBeth it certainly raised a smile I wish I could have seen it if that had gone on the telly or you tube it would have gone viral Unfortunatley no sleep for me I am still in agony with the pain it kept me up till 4am last night and I stayed in bed till 5today not sleeping though .Frank was asked to go and sort someone's laptop out for them and I knew he wouldn't go if I stayed in bed do I got up changed my pjamas and had a wash Unfortunatley my Heart rate went up to 140 and I needed to sit on bed for a rest how sad needing a rest when been payed in bed all day hop you are fast asleep now and everything ok tomorrow my niece wants to take me out I don't want to go worried about being in pain and getting dreaded sweats Aldo hate wheelchair love Margaret

Sorry, I am not using oxรญgen tubing, nor familiar with it, hope yours gets taken care of. Let your niece help,You!

Thanks it's what use for oxygen

worry ye not

there is obviously a conspiracy afoot, I awoke this morning, me one side of the bed, the tubing on the other!

in fairness I am just recovering from a flare-up which is worse than usual and making me more breathless; am also fortunate in that having I have been able to re-connect and was back to normal in about ten minutes

without this exacerbation it happens to me about one night in five that me and the tubing end up on separate side of the bed and am really quite used to it

like so many new experiences in life we do not know what to expect but trust that you and the the Oxygen are back together and at least know what happens for the next time round

here's wishing you and all our sharers good health

Good health to you also Willkie I thought it was going to be another ride out in the ambulance for me today .I woke up usual sweats but also very shaky my hubby took my blood pressure it was 220 over something ridiculous my sats where 82 heart rate 144 phoned the doctors said can he take me over I ask you .Upshot was out of hours doctor said phone ambulance when they got here things had settled a bit so waiting for doctor visit

I wrote this in a reply to someone else yesterday:

I put the circle of tubing over my head, then put the nose prongs in my nose and then tighten the hose at the back quite tightly. It never falls of my nose, and also stays in place in bed. There is no way it can come off and is comfortable.

Good tip. :)

Thank you will do that in future good idea

Thank you Mrs Mummy and Time_to_Drink. In case he/she doesn't look at this page again, I have sent the same information by Private Message (about securing oxygen tubing at back of neck) to Wullie2009 who had the same problem of oxygen tubing coming off (in this thread of messages.)

My husband's oxygen kept coming off in the night and I bought some Microporous tape (with his agreement) and stuck the tubing to the side of his face. That solved the problem and took away my worry about his lack of oxygen. I also know someone who was on oxygen but now only had to use it for longish walks. Going out night be good and cheer you up so long as you can go back home as soon as you feel ready to.

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