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Sinus vomiting

I have bouts of very server sinus headaches which I wake up with, followed by vomiting. I also have COPD.

Sinus is quite common for me I cannot use the salt water pot up the nostril method because it goes down into my lungs and then I end up with a chest infection.

Does anyone suffer from these vomiting headaches? I would really appreciate some hints.

Thank you. X

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I used to until I had a little op in 2006. Was treated for migraine for years partly, I think because of the nausea. Ever since I've used a steroid nasal spray.

In the last few weeks the head pressure has returned so I've been doing the acupressure points (along brow bone, sides of nose) several times a day which help. Google or check YouTube for demonstration. Also I find pressing & massaging at the base of my skull either of spine helps to release.

I'm allergic to mould, fungal stuff which I avoid as the sinuses fill if I don't. Over the years I've found I can only drink young wines & champagnes! Nothing that's been hanging around in a barrel too long or made with grapes with a lot of the white 'bloom' on them.

Hope this helps in a small way.


Thank you!! Yes I am allergic to Mould too. Must remember to drink Champagne. 😊


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