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Sick of feeling like this

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Hey everyone!

I'm new here and didn't know where else to turn 😞

For the last 2 years on and off I feel like I'm losing my mind. Back and forth to the docs with (what I think) are chest issues and getting nowhere fast.

I'm now off work with this and meant to be going back tomorrow but I feel like utter crap. This particular episode started about 3 weeks ago with sore throats and sinus issues, fast forward to now and it's now sitting nicely on my chest and for the last week or so been spitting up greeny yellow flem, the cough is horrendous and I've NEVER known fatigue like it. Especially in my arms and shoulders, I feel like I'm carrying a led weight. Been to the docs twice in 3 weeks and he says there's I've got hay fever and gave me a steroid nasal spray. He listened to my chest and says I haven't got a chest infection?!

This has been on and off for more than 2 years, I'm not in any particular pain but I feel so weak and fatigued. I feel like the flu but with chest issues if you know what I mean. Everyone I've spoken to says it sounds like a chest infection other than my GP! I asked him if I needed a chest X-ray he said no!

I'm worried it will turn into something nasty as it's been 3 weeks now. I called 111 and they said to go back to my gp which I have done!

Any answers would be greatly appreciated I'm worried sick.

Thanks X

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Welcome Lisakaye, is there another doctor you could see? if not at your surgery then another one. You do need further investigation as it could be several things.

Try phoning the BLF helpline during office hours Monday to Friday on 03000 030 555. Good luck to you. Xxx

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Hi sassy59,

I've called the BLF about half an hour ago and he said there wasn't a nurse available, I do need to find another doctor but unsure where to go to get the right one.

Thankyou for your reply xx

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Try BLF again until there is a nurse available. You can check online for GP's in your area. See who are taking on patients or you need to see your GP again, possibly take someone with you, and make him listen plus insist on a referral. Xx

sounds like infection to me i would go back and tell him to sort it or go to a diffrent doctor i have just started bring up green gunk again and just started my abs and steroids that i have at home but having said that my doctor as told me i dont have a infetion when i have been the same as you and i ended up in hosptail hope you get it sorted x

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Hi dyson,

Thanks for your reply, I'm at my wits end! I'm certain it's an infection but I can't get the right treatment!

The docs don't seem to care tho 😞


Welcome Lisakaye, I'm so sorry to hear you are having such problems. You've had some good advice already from members. I also suggest you call the BLF Helpline (03000 030 555). I'm sure their expert nurses will be able to advise you and perhaps suggest questions you could be putting to your GP in order to get more effective treatment.

Best wishes, Annie

Hi Annie,

Thanks for your reply, I have called the BLF helpline but he said the nurses weren't available today but he could schedule a call back for tomorrow.

I'm so fed up of feeling like this, its rubbish. Will keep you posted xx

Hello Lisakaye17 . Welcome. You've come to the right place for support. I'm with Sassy on this one. A second opinion and maybe a third is needed. Your situation is not normal and there needs to be an investigation as to what's going on. I went to three specialists in total just to make sure I was getting the right diagnosis. I really feel for you. Please keep us updated. Take care.

Cas xx 🌸

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Hi cas,

I agree, I definitely need another opinion but I'm unsure as to which doctor to go to get one!

They all seem to be pretty much the same now as they're all understaffed and overworked.

I'm definitely going to make some changes as I can't go on like this.

Lisa xx

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Thinking of you. xx

I do hope that you get some help I know it is very difficult I was told that I didn't have a infection ended up in hospital for 12 days with pneumonia it is hard to get someone to listen sending you best wishes for a solution xxx

That's what scaring me?!

Can you tell me the symptoms of your pneumonia?

Thanks, Lisa xx

I was bringing up sludgy green phlegm I didn't have a cough my sats where all over the place just felt ill xx

The cough has gone and I'm not really bringing anything up now just feel ill 😞

Thankyou xx

Not many people know that you can check on the Internet to see the reviews from patients of all your local doctors. And leave a review about your doctor if you want to. I actually found out that my surgery did not score that highly locally & there is a much better surgery in the area. Just as I was about to request a move my old doctor left & I got a new Doctor who is actually very good,so I am staying with them for the time being,just always making sure I get this new Doctor.

Look your surgery up see what it says about them & check if there is a better one near. Also check if they have a doctor that specialises in respiratory condition s good luck


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Thankyou Sohara for your reply,

I'm on the internet now looking, there is only one doctor at my practice unfortunately so I will keep looking. I really like my doctor but when you think you're banging your head against a brick wall it's time to jump ship.

Lisa xx


Hi Liskaye,

I suggest that you take a good amount of the gunk and plonk it down on his desk. Then tell him to get it tested. If he is still acting like an idiot go to another practice asap and start the complaint process against your current GP. This is your health we are talking about, not a game of 'can he be bothered. Goid luck.

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Haha that made me lol littlepom 😊

I'm on it now trying to find a GP. My mum says if I am no better by the weekend we're off to a & e whether I like it or not.

I'm 46 by the way 😊

Thankyou xx

in reply to Lisakaye17

good for you - take control! And a little giggle never did any harm did it.

Shave you not got a respiratory nurse at your practice, they will know better than your doctor.

in reply to Mick63

Yes mick exactly! Maybe I'd get somewhere then...

Thanks for your reply xx

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I agree mick63 I got no joy with numerous gp's and eventually saw a respiratory nurse who wa more help than any of the Drs.. after two visits she had referred me to a respiratory consultant who has diagnosed bronchiectasis!

I felt as if I had a permanent dose of flu with night sweats.....I managed to see a new doctor who sent me for blood tests, which showed I had an infection. It took a few courses of antibiotics before blood tests showed the infection had cleared.

My daughter is 45 and I still tell her what to do!

Take care

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Hi knitter,

That exactly how I feel, permanent dose of flu type symptoms and sweats.

I'm in for blood tests next Thursday so maybe something from that?!

Thankyou for your reply I'll keep you posted 😊

My first question is are you near any rape fields. My son has been like that and any time we are near rape fields he is like me feels ill. They are cuasing all sorts of issues with that plant. A number of horses die from this being in fields next door?

in reply to Offcut

I'm not near any type of fields as such Offcut but interesting to know!

Thankyou 😊

Phone your doctor and ask to book a telephone call to your Doctor. Then say to him you think you have a chest infection as you are having sweats and bringing up green sputum. Ask him if you can have a sputum pot so that you can submit a sputum sample in for testing ASAP, also request an appointment for when the results come back

Once you have the sample pot make sure you do the test first thing in the morning and get it into your doctors ( or wherever your doctor tells you to take it ) first thing in the morning as you need the sample to get to the testing centre as early as you can get it there to get the best result. If you have and infection it should show up in the sample, and your doctor will know what antibiotic to give you

Try to phone him tonight if possible

Love Sohara

I would be changing my doctor.

Hey everyone, quick update!

Finally managed to get some antibiotics from literally protesting I had a chest infection at my docs this morning. Saying I wasn't satisfied etc.

My doc did my sats and said they were really good but then listened to my chest n said he thinks I had a sinus infection that's gone on to my chest?!

I've just started amoxicillin one 3 times a day, in for blood tests next week so fingers crossed!

Will keep you all posted and THANKYOU 😊

If you cough avd produce sputum look to the color. A Gp and nurse told me the below m it's not a diagnosis or prescription gave to me as educational only as i sm passong it on. You may ask your GP if this is correct.

Clear -no infection

yellow -beginming of infection,

green =infection.

Fever usually indicates = infection

The above is not a diagnosis. It is how a G P years ago told me to determine what was going on and how soon i needed to see him.

Thankyou for that 😊

Sounds like seasonal allergies and maybe GERD. Acid reflux can cause chest ears throat problems it creeps in these areas while your sleeping and can even cause asthma like symptoms. Have you tried putting some peppermint oil in a pot of water and boiling it then take off stove and cover your head with towel breath it for 15 minutes it helps break that up and it's all natural only use a few drops hope this helps

He told me I had allergies but to what?

I'm scratching my head thinking of what. I've started on the antibiotics today so hopefully things will improve! I'm still in bed at the minute tho.

Thanks for your reply x

May be seasonal allergies feel better soon

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