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Hi when is it ever going to get a bit easier at the moment panic has set in on a grand scale might seem unbelievable but writing this to you my friends on this forum is helping me focus a little don't know if it makes sense .Like you may have seen on my post last night I had a major meltdown and I frightened myself and my husband was unable to sleep but stayed in bed till after 1pm .I forced myself to come downstairs Albet still in pjamas unbearable sweats again all night .Whilst in hospital had letter from hospice to go to a be in charge meeting on Friday when I went for assesment some while ago I was told I would probably need extra sessions I felt a real need to talk to someone so I rang them up and was told they will do there best to help .When I was in hospital I agreed to see a psyche councilor so I rang up and let them know I had been discharged I found out that I was yo have seen someone this Wednesday in the hospital the person is not in till Wednesday so not sure what will happen .I then had a phone call from the community matrons and was told I am of the books because I was in hospital above 72 hours so a referal has to go back through the doctors again and we know how long I initially waited to get a matron I am sat on the chair same spot as to when I got up getting more and more afraid Frank has been to the library and brought me two books to manage stress will give it ago sorry for the waffle x

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  • It's good that you can post on here and focus on speaking to us. There are others with anxiety so you are not alone.

    Hold onto the thought that you will get there and things will eventually improve. You will get the help you need. Xxxxx

  • Thank you sassy I would be at a loss without it and I try to focus as much as I can though can be difficult and I want to be able to get in to a position where I can be of help to someone owing through similar things xx

  • Hello T2D. good to know that you are back from hospital. Best thing for me when i start thinking about things is practising being in the now x the power of now is a book to read and just being able to focus on the current time/place/ activity can really help. I am still waiting for diagnosis but likely to be bronchecstasis x. Hope you feel better soon sending love your way xx

  • Have you tried word puzzle books to try and distract you from the anxiety.....I find them better than colouring books to take my mind off the panic.

  • I am going to start doing crosswords again and maybe start to read again you may not believe this but every day since December I have carried a book around with me I have not opened it yet but cannot settle if it is not in sight something I used to love was quizzes we used to go to one every week when life was normal

  • Thanks I really need a focus like I have said I feel I am going backwards not forward and I have hot myself in a really terrible state to the point where I am becoming scared to move position I know it is irrational but that is what today has been like sat sweating in pjamas with a real feeling of trepidation very scary I must learn to conquer fear xx

  • There are some amazing books available by a lady called Dr Claire Weekes.....these are on anxiety, depression etc and are available on Amazon. They may be available at your local library. A good title to start with would be Self Help for your Nerves, but they're all very good. Hope you find something that helps.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thanks pam will look it up just had doctors surgery on phone now telling me I can't have build up food that matron was getting me I need to buy my own Frank made me a lovely meal but unable to eat anything xx

  • Do try the books. I'm sure that they'll help you. You must get some calories down you, essential for mind and body! I'd challenge the surgery on changing their mind about the build-up food. XXX

  • Have ordered the book of Amazon thank you I am sat here absolutely dripping with persperition feeling helpless hopefully book will help a bit xx

  • I do hope so. XXX

  • Hi pam thought I'd let you know Frank has googled to see if our library has the book it does but it is on loan overdue couldn't make it up xxx

  • Typical! Can you reserve it? Or try another title.....she's written several. I used to work for MIND and we had a shelf full in our library. Can't remember all the titles unfortunately but another one is More Help for your Nerves. Good luck. XXX

  • Hi he just been to library apparently they close at 6 now they are closed tomorrow going to send for it on amazon I think I have read the pages which were available to read seems sort of thing that I may benefit from fingers crossed x

  • I think that you'll get a lot of benefit from it. Hope so .....I did . XXX

  • Try here for some help, they have some free guides.

    Stress -

    Depression -

    And they have a forum on HealthUnlocked too.

  • Thank you

  • Please don't worry about having a moan we all panic at times. Its really good you are going to get some help atblong last. I really do hope this will help you. You just try to keep calm and remember you have people around you who care, and we are always here to turn to. Take care and please let us know how you are.😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Hi Bernadette I am sorry for being a panic merchant as I have been cruelly called pam 1952,has recommended book to me which Frank has sent for on Amazon so hopefully it may be a lightbulb moment .I have had a really bad night and day think it possibly been the worst last night I can't believe after all the problems I had getting a community matron I am now having to be re referred because of how long I was in hospital so rather than getting more help and getting to bottom of the pain and sweats inow in jersey position without support and additional illnesses to contend with I don't think I will ever get the help or support I need other than on here take care thanks for listening xx

  • Hope the books help, and please you have no need to apologise as long as you are alright that's the main thing. Chat soon, take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Bless you...just a suggestion if you like music plug into some headphones or maybe some relaxation audio that will talk you through if you find you can't enjoy a book at the moment...keep posting if your typing here and it's reflecting how you feel then that's fine

    Angie x

  • Good Morning T2D- sending you sun and prayers from Florida. Yes, panic attacks seem to part of the deal. My face turns all red & funny looking. I went out for a walk on Saturday & found myself staggering across a busy street with every car at a dead stop to watch! Where the h,,,, did that come from? I had no choice but to continue until I got across. I am sure the drivers thought I was drunk or on drugs. Lot of that going on here. So, maybe it wasn't such a big deal. LOL.

    Today I walked again without 'stopping traffic'...its not what you want at 77! I read, watch 'English" movies, music all the time. Avoid 'Trumpism" as much as possible. Reading the messages on the HU keeps me connected We are all in this together.

    Large hug for the day. Stay well in yourself. mary

  • Anxiety is not unusual when you have ongoing illness. It is a shame about the need for re referrals but that is the system. It is good you can talk to the group and de stress a little. Understand sometimes things do get stressful especially if things go wrong or not to plan. I am sure some one will ring you about the physc appointment once they realise the mistake , but just to be sure you could ring them on Wednesday when the person is in , that is only tomorrow and you made it this far so only one more night. You can do it with help from Frank and support from the site who listen to you. Take care all will be well soon I am sure xx

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