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Well I been on this site some time now and at the moment my copd is still in first stages been almost 13 years now so far been really lucky I know one day my luck

Will. Run out but gave up smoking in 2012 then a year later was diagnosed with this disease but it hasn't stopped me from living a normal life to a degree going swimming and using steam room at at least three times a week

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  • Hi, well done for staying well, it's not all luck you know xxx

  • I'm just lucky

  • I do try and look after my self

  • Hi Darren. It's good to hear you have been able to carry on as normal.I enjoy swimming but can't breathe in a steamy atmosphere. Funny how we can all have a similar disease and yet be so different.

  • Yes that's so true I can't stand the sauna

  • Count your lucky stars. Stay. Heathy. Bye. Paul

  • Thanks

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