Clove tea for clearing arteries

I went to see a healer recently and he recommended clove tea to help clear my arteries. Tastes pretty good too, apart from the tannin. Here's the recipe if you're interested.

Take 40mls of the concentrate in hot water, twice a day.

Recipe - measure 16 cups of water into a pan. Add a packet (40g) of powdered cloves and 10 black tea bags to the water. Heat and when it comes to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for one hour. Strain through muslin or similar and bottle. Keep bottles in fridge or dark pantry.

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Interesting, Ian.

Cloves have a number of alleged properties but clearing arteries is a new one. Some people find its good for clearing mucus also upset stomachs. You should be aware that it can cause problems with anti clotting medications such as warfarin.

Good point.

Thanks Badbessie - I didn't know that.

Thank you Ian. Xx

Thank you Ian-Todd . Good to know.

Good point by BB above, Ian, about interactions with warfarin etc. I have a couple of organic cloves chopped into my porridge each morning - hated getting the bits in my mouth at first but I've got used to them and miss them now if i forget to put them in. Ive never heard of that clove tea recipe though - hope it does the job for you :)

Yes, it was news to me too about Warfarin. If you don't like the whole cloves (even chopped) why not use the ground up version? I'd imagine all cloves are organically grown?

Might try that xxx😊

someone put up a post about two years ago on making tea with it. he said if you can stand the taste its one of the best pain killers there is. he said it worked wonders for him. i tried it but got no further then one sipe.

Yes, I use oil of cloves for mouth soreness like toothache. Magic.

hi Ergendl. yes your right i have used it myself.

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