I have been on Fostair now since June 2016. I have noticed a big difference in my breathing. It is much better, however constantly getting oral thrush. I got it cleared up with Fluconazol and then started to take it through a spacer. No different. I have a drink and garggle straight after taking it but makes no difference. I have tried all sorts. I am loath to go to the doctor again as she will probably change it and apart from constant oral thrush which is quite sore, it has made my breathing and staying well chest wise much better. Any ideas?

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  • It's a shame Forstair is giving you thrush when it's working so well for you.

    I've been on it about a year now but, unlike you, I don't feel it makes much difference to my breathlessness. I have never had thrush from it.

    I'd go back to your doctor's about it. They might have a better thrush medication. If not, there are loads of good, new inhalers out there as, you won't be able to put up with the thrush for too long. xx

  • I have a different inhaler but like you felt it was helping with the breathing but I kept having thrush. I was taking it last thing at night so the powder residue was in my throat for a long time. I changed the timing to directly before my evening meal and (touch wood) I haven't had thrush since. I think food is more effective than liquid at clearing the residue so if I forget to take it before dinner I eat a biscuit (any excuse!) after taking it at bedtime. Worth a try.

  • Hi Leslie - pleased to hear you're finding Fostair such a great help; I'm on this inhaler too.

    Like you, I always gargle the back of my throat and rinse out my mouth thoroughly after each use. Occasionally, I do get a rough, hoarse-sounding voice but I'm not sure it's thrush and my tongue can feel a bit sore.

    My consultant prescribed me Nystan (30ml), which I take as/when my throat feels rough. I dilute it with 1 x pipette of the Nystan in a teaspoonful of warm water and then rinse my mouth, gargle thoroughly and slowly swallow it down. I try not to eat or drink anything afterwards for a few hours; before bed is a good time. This method usually does the trick 🙂

    I don't know if Nystan is a non- prescription oral suspension but you could try asking your local chemist.

    Good Luck and Good Health.

  • I have the same problem .... I use Nystan at night and find that makes it better in a couple of days and there is also a gel that is quite good but cannot remember the name ... orange flavoured ... a nuisance I know but worth breathing well for xx

  • Hi i always clean my teeth after using Fostair an also eating yoghurt.

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