Defeated :-(

Defeated :-(

My new laptop came today, a little Acer Aspire S13, which I've already fallen in love with. I have finally given up on the MacBook Air which I bought a couple of years ago. After years of using Windows machines, from the very first version in fact, I fell for the Apple as Adam supposedly did many years ago. It was a bit like changing my campervan for a Jaguar XK140, very fast, but I could never get it to do what I wanted as quickly as Windows did. So in the end I've given up. I know I could have got the Mac to pretend it was a Windows machine, but what's the point of that.

Is it me that's a bit thick or have others had a problem making the switch from Window PCs to Macs?

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My son had a apple he hated it

You're feeling grim waiting for an ambulance and yet you reply to my moan. You're a trooper T2D. ;-)

No problem keeping mind occupied I told my husband about your new machine he tells me that he is also having problems because he is programming a raspberry. Pi. And the the code is Lynx thinking about changing to Windows. Got. Windows 10 on laptop and the asus all in one think ambulance here nope I was wrong oh well 😷

Dan, Several years ago, I tried to have Ubutunu instead of Windows. I had to have partitions for Ubunut to keep it from interfering wiht Windows. I was told that the tendency was growing wiht more programmes for Ubuntu. but it never happened. My partitions were difficult. The programme kept freezing. Eventually, I reinstalled Windows nad had it ever since.

Progra;;es different from Windows are for people who don't mind tempering with the mechanism inside. Of course, Windows is all there. I'm not enamoured with Windows, but it works! At least, most of the time.

I cannot get Cortana to speak to me. Yet on my mobile phone I can call on Google to listen! I don't understand it, I just get by with the other programmes that work.

I also downloaded the browser Opera which i like because I can build my first quick page to go to my frequent sites.

I'll stop because I am coughing and a fountain runs from my nose!

Regards, Mic

I'm not a fan of Windows 10, I would have preferred to stick with 7, but support will be ending soon. Sorry about your cough, Mic. Mind you don't drip on your keyboard.

Don, I jump back everytime! One way to do exercises !!! Mic

My first Apple was an Apple II in 1977! I now have a Mac and love it. I think it is horses for courses. Had to use Windows for work for many years and never liked it.

Pen treat, The only apple I use is a grated apple or an apple in the oven - sometimes with a dash of dark ,dark rum!, Mic

I have a desktop iMac and love it. Had Word for Mac installed when I bought it. No problems with anything. My Best Beloved still struggles but hardly uses it anyway. Plus two iPads and an iPhone. Apple Geek me.

K x

I've had an iPad, a mini-iPad, an iPhone and an iPod for years so I thought it would be a doddle moving from a PC to a Mac. I didn't do it before because originally there wasn't the software available for Apple that there was for Windows. But I've left it too late, my mind is not as sharp as it was. I was spending more time on reading the manual than thinking about what I was doing.

My daughter has to use an Apple at work (she's a teacher). She hates it and has put Windows on it as well. All the stuff she shows to the kids and her planning has to be on the Apple part but for everything else she uses Windows.

That must be difficult, keep switching from one to the other. :-o

It is, although she's young and adaptable! She's looking for a new job for September, hopefully not an Apple school.

Teaching is such a grand profession. Moulding young minds for the years ahead. It must be a wonderful feeling having children come back years later thanking you. Do they still do that I wonder. I could never teach, I'd be up for GBH in a very short time.

I still occasionally meet former pupils and some do say thank you, and we remember some of the good times together. I do wonder if this will happen in future generations.

This laptop is my first new computer, all my desktops etc I have built myself out of old cases, CPU, hard drives etc. I am always amazed what people throw away when they upgrade to the latest. My last desk top lasted 7 years being upgraded as people brought new ones and I took parts out of the old computers they were throwing away. Finally the motherboard could not deal with the latest programmes so it was finally put to rest. I am in the process of building another one, it's a good little hobby and keeps the brain working.

That's a great hobby, you've saved yourself a packed. Pity you don't live nearer, I could make your day with the amount of stuff in my garage. I've never got further than stick a bit more RAM in if there's a slot available.

I have been using Windows for years and soon got used to Windows 10. I prefer Chrome but it won't run Facebook. Being a geek myself, I have just acquired an iPad pro 12.9 screen. Bit like a monkey puzzle at first but finally got sorted. I am on my laptop at the moment. Bit nervous of going on the iPad.

That is a very classy iPad. It will be like having a desktop in your handbag! Let us know what you think of it when you've sussed it out. :-)

The most expensive component of any Apple device is the logo. They are generally well built with usually quality components whereas most Windows machines are built as cheaply as possible due to pressure on selling prices. That said Apples are grossly overpriced because the "fanbois" will pay it and pay it every 2 years. When working in IT support it was always amusing to get a call from an Apple user with a virus; most of them didn't believe it possible.

I got an apple and gave it to my wife. She has one every day now.

LOL. She would never get her teeth into a PC.

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