Copd circuit training

I don't know if this helps anyone that's waiting for PR ..I was reading through my local gym activities and found a class called COPD circuit training .when I called they explained that it was similar to PR and there's weekly sessions that are ongoing and you can get a referral from your GP it's also run on a prescription basis as well worth looking at your local gyms in your area just to find out thought I would pass on the info xxxx

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  • Hi Angie

    I have been attending a similar class as a follow on referral from P R for the last two years and have found it to be my savier . Twice a week for one hour. With lovely people

    Our trainers are fantastic and take an interest in each individual,so much so that one of our previous trainers left to become a paramedic and she is doing very well and so to keep in touch we all meet every couple of months and birthdays and have lunch together ,and its great that she still thinks of us after a year or so

    So would recommend​ this type of class to anyone if it suits your need ,check it out!

    Well done Angie for bringing to others attention .....I'm in Bristol by the way

    Best regards


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