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Help please - Q14a &14b PIP application

I need some help please - Q14a &14b on my pip application refer to walking aids and appliances?? My copd is severe 24 % FEV1 + 57% FEV I use oxygen 24/7 & need it to get around! Are my oxygen canisters classed as a walking aid or appliance as far as the PIP people are concerned - the way I see it, I wouldn't be physically able to get out and about without it!! The form refers to walking sticks/wheelchairs etc a lot, which may become relevant in the future, but not quite yet. I'm just not sure how to approach these questions. I'm just trying to minimise the chances of the automatic rejection based on 'misleading information', not that they need much of an excuse to auto-reject ;)

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I see your reasoning but will the DWP. I really do feel it would be best for you to contact an expert benefits advisor (not the DWP) eg: Welfare Rights, CAB or DIAL. They will help and give you advice on filling in these forms as, whilst being honest, they know the best way to word things. They put 'a decision maker' hat on and will tot up the provisional points they think your application will get. They will also think of putting things down you might consider, because they are your norm now, as being not important or being embarrased. You will need to do it quickly but if you need an extension because you are waiting for an appointment with one of the above organisations, the DWP will usually allow it.

Good luck.




Oxygen will in your list of medication.


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