Mums very sleepy still today her heart rate has not been as high today but she's been asleep most of the day woke up for her dinner then within a few minutes was tired again funny thing is I managed to fall asleep this afternoon and had a dream about mum the birds were chirping and mum was walking about in my dreams very weird and was the place we live in now xx

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  • Bless you Chezzy and your dear mum.

    I think you're doing this perfectly. It may be against what you feel you ought to do but there is a time for us all. I'm not surprised she doesn't want to go into hospital. She's safe and loved with you beside her. I love your dream. I hope she can hear the birds.

    Take care of yourself as well as her.

    Lots of love, Sue x

  • Thank you 😊 xxxx

  • Good to hear that you managed to get some rest, and how wonderful to have such a lovely dream.

  • Pleased you managed to get some rest, and the dream you had was beautiful. I hope your mum was enjoying listening to the birds, and that you feel a lot happier now. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • What a wonderful peaceful dream Chezzy and how peaceful your dear mum seems now. Try and rest when you can and love to you both. Xxxx

  • So pleased you got a nap and had a lovely dream your mam seems to be resting comfortably I hope you get some rest tonight xx

  • Thinking of you and your mum. xx

  • Mrsmummy, I have several questions I would like to ask you. I am fairly new to

    HealthUnlocked and really appreciate the information that everyone has regarding their health issues. I am 74 moderate copd stopped smoking recently, excising etc. Do you have copd also? and do you have any recommendations for me. I live in the us, and Dr really doesn't have much to say regarding this disease except that I have it. I would also like to change my spelling of my winabago to winnebago, how can I do that. Appreciate any ideas that you have. John

  • Please see the message I have sent to you.

  • I haven't recieved it

  • My reply was to winabago. :)

  • Ok xxxx

  • Sending virtual hugs. You are doing amazingly well, and I commend you for your resilience. I know exactly how you are feeling having been there very recently. I'll be thinking of you and your precious Mum xxx

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