Costochrondritis for over a year!

Hello my name is Kenny and I am 39 years. My story started around February to March of last year 2016. I started spitting out speck of blood. I immediately quit cigarettes because I was so worried. I then received a chest x Ray and it was normal except doctor said I have mild apical pleural thickening in lung. He said don't worry. 2 months later I started developing chest pain. It's not sharp pain but more like ache pain or sore pain. My doctor diagnosed me with costochrondritis. He said it should go alway on its own. Then I got a chest ct Scan now in the 4 months period. Normal also except mild apical pleural thickening. Fast forward while still having all the same symptoms but the spitting up blood seem to stop. I have another chest x Ray in December of 2016 because I was coughing up thick green mucus. My doctor said I am normal. In mid Jan. Of 2017 I stared getting intermittent right shoulder pain. More like aching pain. Problems I still have now: 1) I still have chest pain now for about a year and 1 month now. 2) I still cough up thick brownish mucus even after over one year of quitting cigarettes. 3) I still have right shoulder pain for about three months now. Does any have any information on costochrondritis and how long it should last? I just don't feel like it should take this long and not heal yet. Maybe I have other issues. Does anyone ever quit cigarettes and still cough up brownish mucus for over a years? Sometime when I am talking it comes up and I need to cough it up. Also any info. On shoulder pain. Thank you for any info. My doctor pretty much ignore my concerns now at this point.

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  • Hi Sam, you have had quite a bad time for over a year now. I would advise you to see your doctor or another doctor and make him sit up straight and pin back his ears while you tell him that you want further investigations done and medication to help you.

    I wish you luck and please phone the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555 for further help if needed. Xxxxx

  • Thank you Sassy, I'm really thinking of changing doctor even though I have been with him for a long time.

  • Have you had a sputum or a blood test to see if you have an infection.

    I have had inflammation of the intercostal muscles some time ago and I know how painful that was.

    I have had shoulder pain before when I had an infection.....I was surprised how far upwards the lungs reach .....I would try and see another GP and ask for a sputum sample test. Mind you some of mine have come back clear even though I know I have an infection....chills and sweats etc.

  • hi knitter, I just feel like the symptoms I have should have gone away by now. I received a sputum test in December because I was coughing thick green and yellow sputum. At first they Believe there is mycobacterium but it ended up separating( whatever that means) so my three samples end up all being negative.


    Might be of help

    As for the shoulder pain this is common with lung issues as it could be that you have changed you breathing because of the pain? What can happen is that you breath more with your shoulders to lift the lungs this in turn is using muscle that you do not use Hench the pain.

    Be Well

  • thanks offset, for the suggestion.

  • Hi Iv been having similar since giving up smoking, have you had a PFT (breathing test) mine was normal but still have shoulder/back pain and cough up yellow phlegm frequently. Take care 🙂

  • hi Tinkz, i have not gotten a breathing test because i don't feel like i have breathing problems. What i don't understand is why i still cough up tan or yellowish phlegm even after over a year of quitting cigarettes. When i look at my phlegm closely it look like phlegm with bunch of dots which i assume are tar.

  • Your pain could be from compensating your cough and your so tense about it now...the muscles can stay contracted and take a long to relax...regardless of the doctor you have been seeing for year ..I would definitely have a second opinion on things just to be safe xxx

  • Hi Angiecbr, i feel like i should change doctor but i have been with him for so long i feel nervous to change him.

  • I wouldn't if it's your health your choice but definitely I would

  • Have anyone in here quit cigarettes and still cough up thick phlegm with dots which i assume are tar even after one year of quitting cigarettes? Also does anyone in here that have chest pain that last for over a year? I have dull chest pains for over a year and was diagnosed with costochondritis but i don't understand why i still have it and how long does it usually last. I am still worrying but do not know what i can do but wait. Any information would be great. Thank you

  • Why not give the Helpline a call tomorrow and speak to the BLF nurses for advice? They are there during office hours on 03000 030 555.

  • Hi mrsmummy, I talk to my doctor all the time. He always say to hang in there and give it time.

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