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Traveling in Portugal


This was my last big trip because of my lungs well I ended up in the hospital yesterday. It was scary Dr could not speak English very well. They did xray's blood work twice Iv there putting meds into plus a mask did a heart scan blood pressure was way to high had to give me a pill. While I was sitting there all I could think is in the US I went in to get a puffer and my lungs listen to 1,400 it cost me. I thought this is going to be thousands of dollars. 144.00 That was it . But my lungs are inflamed and because of the language problem he gave me some new meds but didn't tell me how to use them with my other medications I will just have to figure things out. So I just have to get better for the flight home on March 31 . Blue Cross with pay for this visit but I won't be covered any more for travel. Good place to recover better than -10 plus snow back home.

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Glad you're on the mend, Clamdigger. You could try talking to a pharmacist near where you are staying about the meds you have been prescribed - if it's a holiday area, they may be able to speak more English. Or if the meds come with instructions in Portuguese, you could try typing the instructions into Google Translate and see what comes up. All the best, and a safe journey home in due time; M.

Hope that you get on okay with the new meds. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Take care. 😊


How awful for you,I really hope you are fit to fly home on 31March. Take care.😊 xx Bernadette

That beach looks lovely Clam, Ergendl's suggestions are good, or maybe you could call a chemists back home to ask about the new meds.

Hopefully, you'll be feeling much better by the time of your flight. xx

I'm resting over the next few days we have to leave here on Thursday going to the other side of Lagos. I have ten days left before the flight ... I hope all will go well.....Thanks for all the replies

hi clamdigger, i know how you feel a similar thing happened to me last year on holiday in tenerife i caught a chest infection on the 3rd day of holiday and spent the next 11 day's laid up in my appartment, and needed a wheelchair at the airport, ive now decided not to go abroad again for my holiday's

Hi googeymac1 how were you on the plane going home I'm worried a bit about flying I have until the 31 to get my lungs in shape

the reading on my oximeter went from 97 down to 84 but i did'nt need oxygen, but i did need a wheelchair when i arrived at bristol airport because my breathing was not so good, but at the time i did have a very bad chest infection and head cold

Its a bit scary when your traveling I have to spend 11 hours getting home. but it sounds like you were in rough condition...

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