Bad St Patrick day

Hello everyone yesterday was a very scary day. I was weezing as I always all day but as the day went on I had a horrid cough that was leading to vomiting I couldn't breath at all so my partner called an ambulance all my seats were down an I was given nebuliser /oxygen. My blood sugars were also low. Wen I got in the am u Lance I waz give another n/o. An another wen I arrived in hospital. I had a cannula fitted an lots of bloods. I had a blood/oxygen test which was so painful never had this before. I had an x ray an steroids also pain medication. I HaD excellent treatment.still not sure watz exactly going on with me I have to wait 4 further tests an if I'm no better by Monday I'm to B admitted they wanted to admit me last nite but I was having serious anxiety o er it so they eventually sent me home with an immense amount of meds to take I have never experienced something like this before I've been in hospitals a lot had lots of surgerys but this was by far the most scary thing ever I'm so grateful to everyone an their treatment an also grateful to still b here an c my babies smiles this morning. Xx

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  • Hope things a bit easier today poppy can I give you a bit of advice of course you don't have to take it but I was in hospital for several days in December and discharged myself because I was anxious but the upshot was I had to be readmitted and I am still not right better a few days in hospital than months of trying to recover take care xx

  • Oh that's not good. No I'm not much better 2dsy either as the day is going on my breathing seems to B getting more shallow. I just don't get wat it is. Xx

  • Oh dear Poppy how awful for you. I do hope that you get to go to hospital again and get everything sorted out with the right meds in place. I do think of you and wish you better days ahead with your lovely family. Xxxx

  • Awwwww thank you that means a lot. Xx

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