sick of being sick with colds & flu's please help

Hi i'm Jo i tend to pick up colds & flu's so easy but i have the flu injection every year plus i try so hard to protect myself exercise regular take lots of vitamins wash my hands all the time would like to know if there is anything else i can do to stop getting so sick all the time i'm 55years old & my body is so tried of trying to fight sickness my Husband says i try to hard not to get sick & that's why i get so sick LOL any help on this would be great thanks :)

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  • hello and welcome, just take things a day at a time, and you are doing everything right. Just enjoy life and stop worrying about being ill, that will do you no good. Please keep posting and lat us know how you are. . Take care and we are always here for a chat. 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Hi flower and welcome to the forum.

    I can't really think why your getting colds so easily, especially as you already take vitamins. I just wondered though, if you've had your vitamin D levels checked?

    I have been on them for 5 years and I've noticed that I don't seem to catch any of the bugs the rest of my family seem to constantly be getting and I believe it's the vitamin D that's protecting me. xx

  • hi casper yes i have bout 4 years ago all vitamin levels checked and vit D vit C plus my iron and potassium levels were very low but in the last few years i have been taken all vitamin both the hospital and the doctors have suggested but i still seem to pick up colds/flu's virus so easy even taking immune booster & inner health plus & echinacea just dont know what else i can take i'm not a very good sleeper maybe that has something to do with getting sick so often thanks so much for your reply :)

  • i had the same thing as you for years i was getting sick with endless colds. i knew it wasnt the lack of vitmims as i was eating good... turn out that my immune system was weaken when i ate certain foods....

    ive had no problem for over two years now.

    l hope this help you.

  • thanks yes it does i will ask my GP about getting my immune system tested :)

  • Well, I know not getting proper sleep does lead to a worsening of any ailments.

    I've seen a lot of members on here that swear by a preventative called First Defence, from Boots, I think, that you sniff up your nose at the first sign of a cold, have you tried it?

    Other members also get put on a regular dose of a certain antibiotic, I only know it begins with A, (someone might fill in the name,) but that's for those with repeated chest infections.

    You must be exhausted and I don't blame you for feeling fed up, it gets you down.xx

  • i plan on going to chemist tomorrow to get some first defence to try thanks for that info & yes it is exhausting but i still try try try to get well and stay well would be great damm anyone that passes me at the shops with a cough or a sniffle LOL my doctor tells me when i ask him how do i stop getting colds he says the only way is to stay home locked away from the world dont ever go out how sad is that ohh well i will keep trying thanks again :)

  • I like the way your GP thinks because that the only way. To not catch anything. And if you keep worrying about it you will make your self even worse. Have you tried wearing a mask when you are out I bought some from Amazon.

  • have thought about this as where i live people just seem to love being out n about when they are sick they love sharing there germs LOL i'm a good girl when i'm sick i try go doctors & then chemist then home but lots of people love so much to share it's so wonderful :)

  • Azythromycin

  • Hi I don't mean to sound nasty but but I think your husband has a good point . I am seeing a immunologist at the moment as I was getting one infection after another for many years my resp consultant refered me to the immunologist as my immune system was low. The part that fights infections. She did plenty of blood tests. Found out my vit D was low 19nmol/l. My GP did calcium test too and that was low so I now take Calcichew D3 500mg 2 tablets daily. And have been put on Azithromycin for my antibody dificency. I also have the flu and pneumonia jags. The last pneumonia jag was in 2015. But still managed to get community acquired pneumonia last November. So she is doing tests to find out why.

  • hi there i hope you get some answers with your tests & i'm also begining to think my husband is right it's just so wrong that i do all the right things and i still get sick

  • Whenever I think a cold is trying to get me (start of sore throat, swollen glands), I gargle with Corsodil mouthwash and clean my nostrils with First Defence. It seems to help keep the infections at bay. I use the same things if I've been with people who have colds, or in crowded places. And I wash my hands a lot, try to avoid touching my face and hair, especially my eyes, and I wear gloves out and about.

  • Thanks am willing to try anything to stop getting colds so much it is very exhausting

  • I have a suppressed immune system so I am at risk to chest infection which further damage my lungs so the doctor has put me on prophylactic antibiotics this winter and I have only had one infection since September which for me is pretty good going. I do avoid going places where lots of people are though and dread having to use public transport.

  • Hi I was like you but have been using every day at least once a day (2 or 3 squirts) of Vick's First defence nasal spray and have not had a full blown infection or need of the antibiotics and steroids since December last year. I believe it is working because most of the infections I was getting were in fact viral so the antibiotics etc. did not work and the steroids although helping me breath also mess up your own immune system which long term seems counter productive. The Vicks works (for me anyway) as most viral infections reproduce in the nasal cavity where I had always thought there was some sort of problem or blockage which now seems clearer - anyway just a suggestion as I said after getting infections at least once or twice a month last year I am now obviously doing something right and I believe the Vicks is the answer. Good luck xxx

  • thanks so much am going to try this first defence will see if it works for me hoping so :)

  • hope it works for you too good luck let us know how you get on xx

  • sorry just realised others have mentioned Vicks First defence as well in fact if was from a post on this site that I first heard of it and started using it. and so pleased I did. The instructions say to use at the first sign of a cold but I use it regardless every day, just to be on the safe side, usually only once a day, unless I do feel a cold starting then twice a day never want to return to that awful cycle of infection - antibiotics steroids - infection etc. ugh ....

  • You can also buy Nasal Guard Cold and Flu Block which you dab around your nose before going out. I use it regularly but who knows whether any of these things work? It's a bit like face cream - don't know if it works but also don't know how much worse I would look without it!

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