I am miffed!!

I have yet another chest infection - this time it merited the paramedics who were brilliant. It seems now this will get worse unless I am on my rescues permanently. I have been bringing loads of blood stained sputum. The GP has been informed and I am for another chest X-ray.

What bothers me is the fact that I could become resistant to co-amoxiclav. Any comments. I am on azithromycin as well which, I feel, is not working anymore.

I am pretty ancient and since there are younger people than myself in this forum, makes me feel I should appreciate things better.

Have a good weekend, all xx

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  • sorry to hear you not been well , hope your feeling a bit better soon , I don't know what the answer is about antibiotic resistance I keep taking them when I have to and try not to like about what will happen if I get resistant to them ,

  • Sorry your hear you are poorly Pergola. The body can get used to antibiotics and then they stop working. Ask your doctor if he can give you anything else. Pete takes Azithromycin or sometimes Doxycycline when necessary and clarithromycin if he has a chest infection.

    Hope you feel better soon. Xxxxx

  • I hope you feel better soon, Pergola. Being 'ancient' doesn't mean you have to feel poorly...speedy recovery x

  • Hope you feel better soon Pergola. Take cars. x

  • You're not old,Pergola and if you're older than some that doesn't matter! I try not to think too much about drug resistance but live for the moment. Whatever clears the current infection and makes me feel better. I'll worry about problems in the future if they happen.

    Take care and be well, Sue xxx

  • Hi pergola I have had several chest infections where I have needed more than one course of antibiotics my GP will start me on one if that doesn't work they change them.

    Hope your feeling well soon

  • Hi Pergola we all feel ancient at times doesn't mean you are. I sometimes have to change antibiotics when one course hasn't worked even then it doesn't always work so the dr changes me to something else, get there in the end though.

    Hope you feel better soon take care.

    Peg xxx

  • Hi Pergola,

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling the best,as for feeling ancient,we all do at times,once you feel better,you'll feel like a young chicken again😊

    Can't say much about the antibiotics I'm afraid,do have a chat to the Doctor about them,

    Gentle hugs Wendells xx

  • So good to see you, Wendells. Hope you are dealing with life well, and that Harry is OK XXX

  • I have found that taking Doxycycline 100mg is quite a good antibiotic for my own COPD flare ups. Just over a week ago my GP put me on Amoxicillin and steroids which did nothing to help me then I called out the Pulmonary nurse who suggested the Doxycycline which I started to actually take on the last day of the Amoxicillin so doubling up completely for a day and I now feel a lot better. Have a word with your GP.

  • I think I have doxy and amoxiclav on my prescription. My concern is that I will have to stay on antibs all the time. Will they lose their "kick"? XX

  • "It is not people who become immune or resistant to an antibiotic. Rather it is the bacteria responsible for infections that become resistant." scientificamerican.com/arti...

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