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Asthma and COPD or both???

After being diagnosed with Asthma some years ago and managing it I ended up in A&E with Respiratory Failure recently. Whilst in Hospital I was started on Fostair and Montelukast with my Salbutamol and things improved. Fostair replaced my Brown Inhaler.

After recovering I had a follow up appt with the Respiratory Consultant, the Spirometry test was quite good but my symptoms are not much better, he started me on Respimat and I'm being reffered for Pulmonary Rehab and more tests. He is still considering COPD but my spiromatry was 479 at best! This does not sound like COPD to me and weirdly my peak flow at best id 350 after Inhalers.

Any thoughts please?


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It doesn't sound like cold to me either. Take and keep us up to date on how you are doing. Xxx Bernadette 😊

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Thank you Bernadette



Sorry to be dense but can you explain what you mean by your Spirometry was 479 at best? What was your FEV1 and your FEV1/FVC? Others here are better at these numbers than me.

Take care



I don't know :/

Lady just mentioned those numbers were my best

It was really hard work and felt like I was going to pass out!

She just said 479 was my best ??

Linda x


I definitely had a spirometer test but it seemed quite basic!

Cons said I need another one!

There were two parts to the test using different breathing ??


Spirometry is good but I expect S/he wants a Pulmonary Function Test. That's like Spirometry with extra bits, mainly lung volumes and gas exchange.

Let us know how it goes and ask for a print out of the results. People can help interpret them.


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Thank you for this K :)

Will do x


Received a letter today from the hospital

My consultant has made me an appt on march 22 nd for a lung function test

Hopefully this will be accurate and give me a diagnosis x



Hope you are all as well as can be

Had my lung function test at the hospital on the 22nd

All he could tell me was my lungs aren't working as well as they should be ;(

The report will be sent to my consultant and I wait whilst I hear something

Still nothing about pulmonary rehabilitation yet

Am I right in thinking if I just had asthma my lung function would have been normal??


Hope you are all well

Might possibly have Guillian barre syndrome?

Any other suffers??


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