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Feeling bad!!!!!!!

As you know from my previous post, I'm suffering from a chest infection and have been put on antibiotics and steroids. This morning I woke up struggling to breathe as I've lots of mucus in my throat. After coughing it up, I still feel awful. I've no energy, feel light headed and with a frog in my throat. I'm having problems shifting the build up of mucus and my Emphysema has got worse.

On a brighter note, I've a chest xray on Monday so hopefully they can tell me how bad things have got.

Sorry for ranting but I just feel awful, I've booked my B12 injection for next week so hopefully that will give me a bit of energy that I need. 😐

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It is scary I know, especially when you wake up and struggle to breath. I've been there for so many years now, I've almost forgotten what its like to spring out of bed..... Few can explain to those of a more healthier disposition the exhaustion you feel when you're struggling to breath.

I can give you a little advice. Sleep propped up, helps the mucus drain easier. Try to breath through your diaphragm, rather than your chest.If you haven't already learn the breathing technique to clear your chest then, this is a good link

If you're in the UK, ask your GP if it's possible for you to have Mucodyne, which will help thin the mucus or try a fluttering device.

Remember not all antibiotics work these days, if you don't feel any better at the end of the treatment, tell you Doctor.

All I can say to you is really is a great healer. Take naps and eat a little a lot, and don't forget keep hydrated, drinking also thins the mucus.

Good Luck with the x-ray btw

...keep smiling ;-)


So the link isn't working....this may get you there insteas - Physiotherapy Breathing Exercises


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