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Thought of the day - on yer Todd --- (by Elliott WillenSky - Carlos Evans & Kim Sharpton)

I have a place where dreams are born & time is never planned - it's not on any chart you must find it in your heart - never never land - It may be miles beyond the moon or right there where you stand - just keep an open mind & then suddenly you'll find never never land - you'll have a treasure if you stay there more precious far than gold - for once you have found you're way there - you will never, never grow old - And that's my home where dreams are born and time is never planned.

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A place I never intend leaving. :)


Thanks, JS59.....I noticed the bit about the open mind, as I was only reading a quote by Frank Zappa today.

' The mind is like a parachute,

It does not work if it is not open'


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