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MCV Big Blood Cells

Well went doc's re blood test result and stocking fitting.

Doc said THEY don't do that anymore you just take perscription to chemiest and get small medium large.

I cant remmber what she said but think was the dont give em out for varacouse vain's enzema or leg swelling.

Was one or other

GP then asked was i going to ware them really AND i said yer if its chouse of DVT or Living course am going to ware em.

Anyway then she said THEY would do me know harm eather way.

Then was blood test results.

Doctor said i had big blood cells MCV stuff THEN asked if i was alcoholic.

So i replyed i WISH but sadly am tea total.

Then she went threw results and she said i could have macrocytosis given mcv big blood cells.

She said my folate was ok but my b12 was low but not as low as been.

We touched on melabsortion issues and she said i have appointment with podiatry re tibia shins pain walking issues.

Told me they would do test imagining and is inportant i see them.

So i asked about B12 and Big blood cells and she said let podiatry do test

And that was that ... so guess have to wait and see AGIN

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Hi Jeff, I'm not quite clear, but if I understand correctly, you are going to wear the stockings because of a DVT problem. If that's the case, you should be measured properly for them. A few years ago I had a DVT in my leg, was on Warfarin for three months & wore compression stockings for two years. Before I had the first ones I had to go to a clinic in the hospital to be measured for them. If I remember, the pharmacist also asked if I had been measured properly because if you don't have the correct size for you it's a bit of a waste of time. I hope you get sorted. Take some measurements yourself if necessary - around the ankle, calf & top of the leg & also leg length I think but I'm sure your pharmacist will help you.


Hi I have been suffering leg swelling and do have painful varicose vain's on shin bone.

Thats what stocking are for a think to stop juices pooling and hopfully blood clots forming.

At my GP practice the said the dont do that anymore and at chemist said same.

Guess its like plug n play


It is always wait and see, difficult being patient patient! Hope all goes well when you get there.

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HI Cheers ant that the truth.

Cheers thanks.


Hi again Jeff, proper stockings for DVT usually have to be measured , they do at the hospital. At the chemist they usually give the flight type ones which don't have to be measured. Podiatry usually deal with foot problems not blood and circulation, perhaps the dr was just trying to end your appointment till another time. My doctors only deal with one issue at a time these days, so have to make more than one appointment. It's a difficult one as some issues are inter connected as you have suggested on occassions, but we tend to have drs only look at one symptom not the fact they may be several from one illness .


HI Katie Cheers my doctor know a cant be pushed out door till am happy.

But yer was thinking bout you when reading article last night.

Was about RA macrocytosis and copd

Youtube macrocytosis copd and will tell you about RA stuff doctors dont tell us.

Its not horrific just informative.

Sorry to resd about ya fall HOW many times is that now AND stay of ladders misses :) i know you cant help ya self.

Yer am seeing foot people over bones and why my legs points to side when i walk DONT half give me shin tibia pain


Morning Jeff, had three bad falls the past 12 months, try to avoid ladders not so easy when you live on your own. It is because my balance isn't so good. Have had a few near misses too. That's what your leg pain is from cause your feet don't work right, I get a bit of knee and hip pain from the foot problems, but the dr recommends mobility or the whole leg will seize up. Anyway good luck with the podiatrist, I see one now and then to assess my feet, no cure for arthritis but I have shoe liners to help with pain.Will have a close look at that article on RA and COPD.


I had to wear those stockings for a short while, recently. There were two styles that I saw. One style was like high socks - came up to mid-thigh, but gripped just over the knee - and the other came up to the hip and clipped onto a kind of soft girdle/belt with pop-on clips. I had the former and the nurse just looked at my legs and chose the size - S, M and L were available, and I assume XL or XXL, but I'm not sure on that. My point is that the nurse chose and helped me on with the first pair and it was really quite straightforward. Also, there was nothing where the toe-cap would normally be on a pair of socks, so you don't get the feeling of toes being cramped in your feet.

Good luck,


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Hi Cheers am not going to be waring girdle defo draw line at that :)

But yer i heard can be tricky to put on so was guna try get applicator as toes cramp up when i try put soaks on SO can imagine not going to be easee of things to do.

Cheers thanks for reply.


If you are prescribed the socks, usually they have a hole at the toe end. If you put a small plastic bag (freezer bag or similar) on your foot, it makes it much easier to put the socks on over it and past the ankle. You then pull the bag out when finished - sounds daft but it works !


If you want some info re the bloods the pernicious anemia forum has loads about b12


My husband had enlarged red blood cells and it was a sign that he had liver disease caused by a tablet that he was taking.


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