Spirometry Test.

I'm going to have my spirometry test.

Tomorrow at 12.15 precise.

It says don't have a heavy meal.

Well that's not very nice.

I planned to have a pie and pint

Melton Mow's are heavy

Alcohol is ruled out too

That means there's no bevvy!

Must not do too much exercise

Before they see to me

I also must remember

To go and have a pee.

I'll suck and blow as best I can

And hope the readings fine

And wonder if I'll still be here

To come again next time.

(Strewth! They get worse don't they!)

4 Replies

  • Hi

    Less suck more blow

    You will be good to go

    Pie and pint on way home

    Feel like dog with a bone.

  • That's excellent from Stone. Xxx 👍😀

  • Love the poetry Don and not getting worse. Xxxx

  • lol very good don

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