varicose veins eczema tibia shinbone pain

varicose veins eczema tibia shinbone pain

Well today i was at doc re tibia shine bone pain and oedema.

Doc pointed to rash that i scratched that causes my leg to swell up saying i could have varicose veins and eczema.

She said varicose veins cause oedema and varicose veins can cause pain of tibia shinbone.

She pointed out varicose vein on my shinbone AND squashed it and YER that was where pain was coming from as i nearly jumped out of chair.

GOSH never knew varicose veins could be so painful.

Anyway doc as prescribed moisturizer and steroid cream and DVT stockings what ever they are.

Was quite a shock to find i had varicose veins and even more so they can be so painful.

And theres me thinking am only young :o

Doc is referring me to podiatry regarding my foot knee pain and why my foot is pointing out turning to side when i walk.

O nearly forgot as anyone seen or used product called Varicobooster and do they know what its made out of

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  • Our youngest son is 34 and had a vein removed when he was 21. He also had two ulcers so wears special stockings all the time. You will need to have the right size for you,

    I hope you get everything you need to help you. Just another thing to think about JAS. I wish you well. Xxxxx

  • Hi sassy cheers sorry to read about lad is no age to suffer them.

    Was reading lot of new mothers suffer from it.

    But ya right just one more thing to add to growing list.

  • Active ingredients of Varicobooster cream

    Тrokserutyna and herbal extracts, essential soy, lemon and coconut oils, horse chestnut, birch leaves, and caffeine.

  • Hi Mrsmummy cheers thanks :)

    I was trying to pin down herbal extracts AS was reading article and product with similar name had canabis init.

  • I couldn't find any more detail and a lot of it was in Portuguese.

  • When i was looking was Russian lol

    Might be worth a try but generally a don't buy positions of internet.

  • No nor would I.

  • Is hard one NOT coz a want legs like model.

    But cant trust sourses and para companiesdon't like natural stuff as its hard for them to rip public off.

  • Try Boots or somewhere similar. I find if the stuff is any good I can get it there. :)

  • Hi cheers all look in H&B n BOOTs.

    You think might be in cures section lol

  • £39!!!!! Must be really good.

  • I think price is only thing good ... well if they can get it

  • DVT (stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis) and the tighs/stockings/socks are used to support the legs if you are on your feet a lot or sitting still a lot apparently they help reduce pain and fatigue and help with circulation. If you search on dvt socks you get a load of info.


  • Hi Bayleyray Cheers thanks doctor is going to have to do fitting.

    Think guna have to get thong to help put em on as feet toes cramp up.

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