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Being proactive

When I went to the respiratory clinic last November my consultant said I should be seen no more than 4 months later, and if the appointment was later than that would I make a fuss, as he 'didn't want administrators telling him when he could see his patients '. Appointment arrived, nearly five months, so I duly tried to alter it. With the help of my GP and nurse, and my own bossy nature we have success! The appointment has been brought forward a month and is February 28th. I have to be fair and say the hospital were helpful too. While I am pleased it upsets me that you have to do this, as it is so wearing and lots of people don't feel able or well enough to cope with it. Now I will have to work on my cardiologist to get him to tell me what is going on as he writes me lovely letters but doesn't actually tell me anything!

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Hi Carnival l am pleased you got a result but why do we have to go through this? It's so energy sapping. I have to sort things out for Pete and it drives me crazy sometimes. Good luck to you. Xxxxx


Quite agree


Glad you were able to get the change, but it really, really should not be down to us to have to do it. Exhausting. And you are so right: if I had meekly accepted all the things that doctors, both GPs and consultants had said to me during the past seven years I would now be a gibbering wreck, probably on antidepressants and having to believe that it all had a psychological cause. It is only because I am reasonably well-informed, moderately confident, and have a brilliant support team in my family and friends that I have been able to get anywhere.

Hope you get the answers you need.

kate xx


Well done for that, Carnival, but I think you sometimes need extra vitamins to give you the energy to be proactive. If the consultant writes 4 months on your notes that should be it - or are they really so over-booked for clinic appointments that they have to nudge everyone backwards?

I think you might need different tactics with your cardiologist - being direct, nudging but stop short of pleading.

Look after yourself, and good luck. Sue x

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Good job Carnival567 . That sounds rather annoying but I am glad the hospital were also helpful. Take care. xx

Cas ☀🌱☀


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