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The nurses is coming tomorrow hope I feel better than today what I am wondering is when she was going to come in January she phoned before to ask if I had had any infections which I had and had started another course of antibiotics .She said she would come next time even if I had .What I am wondering about is will she ring to say she coming should we ring ourselves the letter says between 8.30 and 5 just wondering because getting in panic xx

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  • I'm sure if the nurse has arranged to visit, she will. I don't think it's easy for them to give an exact time, so they say anytime on the day.

    Hope your visit goes well 🌺

  • Thank you it's just worry xx

  • Hi Time_2_drink. Why don't you give the nurse a ring and check that she is coming. This might put your mind at rest a bit.

  • Hubby rang they didn't know why I hadn't had phone call said they thought that she would have rang yesterday they noticed she had another visit and had rang them .Will have to wait for tomorrow

  • Oh my goodness. The sloppiness makes me so cross! Oh well, try to take a chill pill and do tell us if she tiurns up.

  • Thanks will do

  • Don't panic, l'm sure the nurse will come. Hope it all goes well for you. Xxxx

  • Thanks I am dreading it I don't think I want to know anything to scared. Xx

  • There is nothing to be scared of. Just a little walk and maybe blowing into a tube. You will be fine. :)

  • Thank you butterfly's flapping in tummy

  • Good luck for tomorrow. Hope all goes well. XXX

  • Thank you xx

  • Time_2_drink wishing you a good,productive meeting with you nurse tomorrow. Dont forget to ask all the questions you can think of,whilst you've got her in front of you. Try to stay calm and get some quality sleep tonight-do pursed breathing if it calms you. Good luck.

  • Thanks went to bed early had a bath which shattered me and hoped to get some sleep but the pesky butterfly's in tummy had other ideas managed about 2hours so not on form for nurse

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