This is me. A medical zebra hanging on by my toes. Really bad few days, looks like another infection, chest x ray tomorrow . And for whatever reason fybro pain. Lots of it. Everywhere. Even my flippjn teeth hurt and they are false. Cant stay awake, ankles constantly in spasm, basal crackles that sound like hamsters chewing crisps, yet more antibiotics from practice nurse as precaution. I am right royally p***ed orft.

Sorry, vent over, goin' back to sleep now.

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  • You vent all you like as we all do from time to time. It does you good. I hope you have a restful sleep. Oh love the picture :) x

  • Oh bless you Ccupcakes, how distressing for you. Hope the X-ray is ok tomorrow and you are well enough for that.

    Sending gentle hugs to you and keep hanging on. Xxxxx

  • I hope you manage to get some sleep and rest from your pain sleep well

  • hope your feeling better soon and the xray results are good

  • Hi Ccupcakes so sorry that you are going through a rough time. Feel free to come on here anytime and vent your feelings if it helps. That is what I would be doing if I was going through what you are at the moment. There is always someone here to talk to and give you support when needed.

    I hope your X-ray is alright tomorrow. If you do have an infection, hopefully they can get it sorted out quickly.

    I know what you mean about the false teeth. Sometimes mine are in the bathroom while I'm in the lounge and they still hurt.🙂

    Have a peaceful night.


  • Sleep sound Ccupcakes, and get down before you fall. No wonder you feel like you do. All the best for today:-)


  • We're here to listen. Hope you get some peaceful rest. Cute picture.


  • Absolutely loving your picture Ccupcakes ! Waiting for x ray results can seem like you're waiting an eternity and probably everyone on here has done their fair share of result-waiting!! When your body is hurting from top to toe,life's not much fun either so you've done exactly the right thing and had by all accounts, a very small rant! That's the beauty of this site,we've all got life experiences to share- good,bad whatever,so never be apologising to us,never. Just keep in touch so we know how you got on. Take care now.

  • Sounds awful but keep hanging in there. Don't let the zebra fall off! xx

  • Hope the xray goes well and that you soon get some help that will see you feeling better - keep on hanging on :) x

  • Hello Ccupcakes . I feel your pain and frustration. Please take it easy. I hope you feel better very soon.

    Cas xx ☀

  • Keep telling yourself you're over the worst and feeling better all the time.......and see what happens!😁 love the pic didn't know about zebra's that could climb trees!!😂 huff xxxx feel better soon!

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough and thanks for posting such a lovely picture - hope you feel better soon x

  • How did the X-ray go, Ccupcakes?

  • Hi Ergendl x-ray was clear so they did another CT, Bronchiectasis still evident along with a small module, and the honeycombing, so conclusion is that it's just the course of this disease, Heart is ok at the mo cardio not concerned but watching. personally I think I caught a cold! Am back home but sats are very down even for me. Still Brompton on Tuesday so hopefully some clearer answers.

    Thank you for asking xx

    Hope you are as well as you can be ?

  • I am, Ccupcakes - thanks for asking. Good luck for Tuesday.

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