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Chi Gong to lift spirits

Thanks again for all the positive feedback. Hope over time you benefit, as have I in doing these exercises.

Today I have been moved reading how some writers are really struggling. Many feel really low in spirits and I'm sure your many helpful, warm and encouraging replies help enormously. What a great bunch of people.

I was going to continue Healthy Breathing Gong. But having read the posts, I would like to slightly change tack.

Opening the Chest. Claimed to be good for heart, lungs and lifting spirits. In this movement- imagine you are opening curtains in the morning to let in the beautiful healing sunshine. I find it best to do this exercise in the morning - if you are able, outside, or, by a window facing the rising sun.

1. Stand, legs shoulder width apart.

2. With arms at your sides, raise your arms up in front of you to shoulder height, keeping arms shoulder width apart. Wrists floppy, allowing fingers to droop down. At the same time Inhale through the nose slowly and deeply in time with your raising arms - tip of tongue behind two front teeth.

3. Keeping relaxed, turn your palms inward to face each other. Open your arms wide to the side-still at shoulder height -exhale slowly and deeply. Opens the chest.

4. Bring your arms back to shoulder width apart (still level with height of your shoulders) palms facing each other, inhale slowly and deeply as before.

5. Turn palms to face downward. Slowly lower hands to waist level. At the same time bend your knees and exhale as you sink down (only as low as is comfortable).

6. Repeat at step 2 , raise your arms straighten legs and inhale.

Repeat as often as you are able. I do repetitions of 10. Mixing with the earlier exercises.

But only do what is comfortable and manageable- no straining.

Hope you can follow the above, I really find it lifts the spirit.

Good luck.

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I read your post and it reminded me of how wonderful this is....

I used to do the 20 Minute Morning Qi Gong Exercise by Lee Holden. There is a 20 minute evening one as well.

I just pull it up on my phone and I can watch while I do the exercise.

Thank you thank you thank you!

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Thanks again Tryfan for today's class. ( I struggled a little with yesterday's one,but got there in the end). Practice makes perfect they say- don't they!!

Keep them coming!

Kind regards.


Sounds wonderful but for me sadly, a bit too demanding. Standing without something to lean on always makes my legs wobble and to stand with arms out and knees bent would be far too demanding. No problems walking but standing for more then a short period is difficult. But I will incorporate your breathing and stretching into a seated exercise routine.


Hi billiejean, I tried this one seated worked fine, I sat on the edge of the bed. My yoga teacher adapts some movements so I can do them seated if need be, or use the back of the chair as a support.


Thanks knitter ! To use the back of a chair for support is a good idea. I've become accustomed to exercising on machines that take my weight and I can lean on. But anything that requires standing without support, I find difficult.


Keep them coming, Tryfan. I usually concentrate on the sitting ones but managed 2 of these (didn't go down very far though). :)

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Don't go down too far Toci. You might never get up again :) :)

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We do Qi Gong as part of our warm up in my Tai Chi class and do this one regularly as my teacher knows I have COPD.


This is great - thanks Tryfan


Lovely exercises thank you


After reading your post I immediately went on you tube ( I find it better to see how the exercise done ) and I have just done it for the first time ,it's something I now will add to my daily routine,thank you ,


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