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my 4year old daughter poppy has been diagnosed with left lower lobe collapse,she was very sick and she was in hospital for 3 weeks,and know she has asthma as well,she is on a lot of medication,and I'm constantly doing something for her because sometimes she has no energy and I also have to do her meds day and night I hardly get any sleep,I put in for dla for her and iv been refused,is she entitled to it plz anyone,,

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  • Hi I am very sorry to hear your daughter is so poorly. Have you appealed against the decision? It is best to get help when filling in the forms from either the CAB or a local disability advice centre. x

    Ps I self edited this as the previous info was incorrect.

  • aww it affects her bad,she can't play with her friends because she gets so out off breath,and she is constantly coughing,sol she does is sit on the sofa and she gets upset all the time coz she can't do anything,and I cant take her out anywhere as I don't drive and I have to carry her and I have really bad backs,she have missed so much school,she crys every time she has her nebulizer and the other meds,I will go to citizens advice for help appeal,thank you 😊

  • Sorry to read about your kid AS to dla its gone to pip now.

    Am not 100% but think you have to have conditiin min 3 months befour can claim pip.

    Also if have other kids in your family geting dla or pip they said the only allow one claim for bits of pip.

    Might be best of emailing phoning blf or citizens advice

  • my daughter has been ill for about a year and half now,I only have her out of my 4 kids who are ill,I'm waiting for the letter think I'm gonna go citizens advice for help,thank you 😊

  • I would not take refusal personal as the do it to everyone .. but i would appeal stating condition got worse mentioning hospital and what went on and care she needs gets from you.

    You need to find out of desion maker why was refused as the could be just trying it on.

  • thank you so much,I will mention everything 😊

  • It is still DLA for under 16's.

  • Good luck poppy-short,

    I know from personal experience the heartache of caring for a small asthmatic child, so you have my sympathy. I wish you a good outcome. Those forms sound horrendous, as if you haven't got enough to contend with.


  • please appeal, go to citizens advice they will help you with the forms. Your daughter relies on you and you need that help. Please let me know how you get on. Love Bernadette 😊 xxx

  • I truly hope things improve for little poppy and you get all the help you need. Good luck to you and hope the appeal goes well. Xxx

  • Hi

    For clarification PIP is for claimants aged 16 to aged 64.

    For children over 13 weeks and under aged 16.

    DLA for children is available if you meet the criteria.

    Not knowing the time lapse or reason for refusal I would seek advice from CAB as to whether it would be better to appeal or wait three months and start a fresh claim.

    From your post I would have thought higher rate care was in order,

    And possibly mobility.

    Do seek further help from CAB

    Could ring the BLF Helpline for advice from their Benefits advisor.

    03000 030 555

  • I think you are very brave Im not sure I would cope if it were my daughter.

    I don't understand this benefit system just as I get my head around one bit they change it. Having said that I would of thought if you daughter needs more care or can't do as much as child her age then she should get it.

    I hope your daughter Is feeling better soon

  • Hi Poppy, first of all I am so sorry that you and your little girl are going through this. I was a very sick child but eventually I was diagnosed properly and began a course of management that gave me a good life. I am now 66, have two children and five grandchildren and I have done lots.

    Has your daughter been seen by a paediatric chest consultant?

    I ask because left lobe collapse can be caused by things such as infections or pneumonia and can lead to lasting damage and a condition called bronchiectasis which I have. This is very manageable but needs proper diagnosis.

    Asthma is a different condition. Unfortunately bronchiectasis can often be misdiagnosed as asthma, especially in children. It is possible to have asthma alongside bronchiectasis.

    It may also be that the infection which caused the collapse of your daughter's left lobe has not completely cleared up.

    In any case the poor little thing will be exhausted and miserable until her condition is stabilised.

    I do suggest that if she has not seen a peadiatric chest consultant you insist on a referral from your GP. If she has, make arrangements to go back as the treatment which she is having is obviously not effective. You also need advice and support in how to manage her conditions to give her a healthy happy life.

  • I am sorry to hear about your little girl and i hope you can get what she needs and i do hope you get pip for her but you will find it hard to get it but if you do fail to get it gor her then keep on trying till you do .

  • From the above:

    "You can claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children under 16 but you will have to show that your child needs more care, supervision or guidance than other children of the same age."

  • I'm so sorry your little girl is ill and having to go through this. Not the best time for you to be coping with claims and forms and refusals but all that is, of course, generated by how poorly she is. It's a system which seems to be without compassion.

    Thinking of you and I do hope you find the strength to fight for what you both need.

    Love, Sue x

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