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Recovery and concern following chest infection

Was diagnosed with a severe right lower lobe infection beginning of December.

Amoxcycillin was given for 7 days with no effect.

Then given clarithromycin for 7 days which had partial success.

Seemed better over Xmas, but began feeling unwell 2nd week of january-still coughing up horrible yellow phlegm .

I went back to docs on Friday, the crackles from the infection had gone but was left with mild asthma and a slight wheeze where infection was.

Doc told me the after effects may take months to go as infection was large and serious.He sent me for a routine chest infection on monday-results should be with him friday.Iam now getting in a state,I've convinced myself it's not gonna come back clear,despite me feeling better (at diagnosis, I couldn't walk 100 yards without getting out of breath,now walking and getting breathless isn't an issue).

Iam a 50 yo,non smoker and this has knocked me sideways-both physically and mentally.

Any advice or opinions?



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The X-ray results should make things clearer so try not to worry too much until your doctor discusses the results with you.

We've had several posts like yours in the last few weeks, with people wondering how long it would take them to get over bad infections, pneumonia, etc. There's no doubt that it takes time, several weeks sometimes, to get over a severe infection and it may take that long for you to feel yourself again.

Make sure to keep in contact with your doctor and ring for a consultation if you feel you are getting significantly worse. Things may not be as bad as you think and anxiety could make your symptoms worse, so try to stay positive.


Many thanks for your reply.

I do suffer with depression and anxiety issues and tend to snowball things in my mind-the routine-a routine chest xray (my 1st ever 1)=doctor looking for some sinister in my brain.Even tho Doc assured me hewasn't looking for anything sinister,just making sure he hasn't missed anything-as he put it.


Had chest xray results,all clear.

Guess this recovery is gonna take its time.Not good for someone as impatient as me-at least there's light at the end of the tunnel


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