Also can any one tell because I'm Copd that's virtually all the time antibiotics and steroids of 6 to 8 a day I'm a diabetic 2 tablet controlled but diabetes steroids don't like each other effects sugar levels when in hospital they check sugar 3 to 4 times a day ranging 4.4 to 16.5 but at home don't have a clue can I get the machine for this from gp or do I need to buy many thanks

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  • Steroids WILL affect blood sugars and you are in a difficult position due to taking them most of the time.

    Checking sugar levels will only show part of the story but MAY assist you with dietary decisions. You will have to purchase own machine BUT you must check if gp will support this and provide testing strips. Otherwise these are very costly.

    If you check health unlocked there is a diabetic site where you can get further info and advice.

  • Hi Channell

    That is the draw back with steroids. I am from New Zealand and ov most time in Thailand. Over the last 4 yrs been in Thai hospital 3-4 times every year with bronchitis or Pheumonia and they just pump antibiotics and steroids into me. The steroids have just took my health away. Diebitis, swollen feet, thin skin, lose of musels, weight gain and other probs. last year I told them NO STEROIDS.. The antibiotics are no good for you either they kill all the good bacteria and it will take months to get some f the good ones back in your gut. I just do not take Prendosin, steroids any more. Or antibiotics if I can help it.

    Never ever had problems with my blood sugars. They are starting to come lot better now. Under 10 every day. Best Luck.

  • Hi Channell

    So sorry to hear about your problems with your medications.Perhaps you could answer a question for me.

    I have Bronchiectasis, COPD, Asthma just to mention a few. Most of the time all well under control, but when I get an infection it is into hospital for IV Antibiotics and steroids. The last occasion I was on a very high dose of Hydrocortisone (steroid) as well as very high dose antibiotics. I am running out of antibiotics. Anyway my question is do you find your infection clears up with antibiotics only without the steroids? I realise that I have far more diseases than you have and your answer may not be relevant to me. I shall be interested in your answer.

    Many thanks.

  • Do you have a consultant that you visit need advice on both your diabetes and your COPD.

    If you live in the UK , the BLF have a helpline, contact details are on their website.

    I have asthma/ COPD but no diabetes , but the steroids do affect my blood sugar.

    I too got on a roller coaster of exacerbations at one hospital at least six times a year . But one GP put me on a much longer course of prednisolone which tapered off very gradually.....I find if I stop suddenly my symptoms got worse quickly. I had antibiotics at the beginning too after sputum tests, and now I have regular blood tests to check there is no infection anywhere.

    I developed the symptoms of sepsis after one chest infection, so now they are very careful to check and I am given antibiotics if I need them......sepsis can kill.

    But you having diabetes needs late father had to test his blood sugar regularly.

    I would be going to the GP as soon as you can to get a full review of both your conditions ....and if you don't have a consultant demand a referral.

    Best wishes.

  • Many thanks

  • Why not give the BLF nurses a ring for some advice? The number is 03000 030 555 and they are there during office hours.

  • Thank u

  • My Husband is diabetic and he got his blood tester on prescription, also the testing strips.

  • Your blood monitor and strips should be provided on the nhs. I have tab controlled diabetes and yes the steroids play havoc - lows of 3.2 and highs of 28 in the same day! Drinking plain water will help and also oaty type cereals and cereal bars, they are soluble starchy and give slow release energy but not the sweetened ones of course. Your gp surgery should by now have a dedicated diabetes team to refer to failing that it's back to the hospital and your rheumy but don't just leave it...... go to the diabetes forum on here ?

  • Thanks for your help

  • Also there is a sat test u can do by your phone to roughly measure your oxygen that's a good thing other than a peak flow measuring the air in your lungs on a good day for me 150 on a bad day 120 down

  • Hi I have diabeties type 2 ,very brittle asthma, fibro , and arthritis all of which require steroids at some point. I've had to take them recently because I was in a lot of pain. The steroids send my blood sugar haywire for a few weeks but mine is diet controlled so I can cut down on food to help. I got my blood testing kit from chemist and the strips ( 37.00 ) for 100. The hit is under 15.00. You will have to by lances as well. Make sure you get kit for type 2 and not for insulin. My BS is usaly between 6.2 and7.2 which is fine for me. I take a lot of antibiotics as well. Hope you get sorted. Make a appointment with the diabetic nurse. xx

  • Will do thanks

  • I take metformin and glicazide for type 2 diabetes, if you drive then you will need to test sugar levels before if u r on glicazide , steroids do raise the blood sugar , so go to gp and if you need to test your bloods and to see a diabetic nurse

  • Don't drive but diabetic nurse him on meta forming to but cause I'm constant steroid it's mixing with diabetes making sugar levels rise slightly in hospital they keep eye on it but at home no thing when in hospital at 6am made me drink milk cause breakfast for 2hrs was ranging from 4.4 to 16.5 so I dunno but got nothing at home to check

  • You may not have to buy a machine. If you attend a diabetic clinic at hospital they can give you one I work in a small pharmacy and most people get their machines free on NHS. Very few buy them

  • Ho rite OK I will try many thanks

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