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Hi nearly two years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. I have 84% airway which won't improve. I packed up smoking as soon as after diagnosis, I have had no coughing or clearing of my lungs, listening to others not sure why. I am pleased that I have now stopped smoking but wished that I had done it years ago instead of waiting to be told it is in my best interest or i would end up on oxygen scary.

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  • Hi Deltalady27 and welcome hope your well.

    congratulations on giving up smoking you have done the best thing.

    I gave up 11 years ago just after being diagnosed and like you I don't cough all the time apart from when I have a chest infection we are both lucky.

    look forward to seeing you on line take care

  • Hello Deltalady and welcome. Look after yourself and come back on here often! Sue x

  • Welcome to the site Deltalady..We have a most wonderful group of people on here. Many have had copd for many years, and can offer great advice. Any questions you have, we're here for you. Look forward to getting to know you. Ruby🌹

  • Thankyou

  • Thankyou all for making me so welcome. My next goal is losing weight to help my breathlessness, I put the weight on through having steroids and of course packing up the cigarettes. I got a referral through my doctor for twelve weeks on Slimmers world. My first weigh in was last Thursday and I lost 5.5lbs which has put me in a positive frame of mind. I have at least 3st to lose but my motto is take every day as it comes.

  • Hello and welcome deltalady

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