Ct colonoscopy

Possibly not relevant here, there are posts in the IBS section but they seemed unsure. Tomorrow at 10am I have to drink something called gastrografin. There seems to be doubt whether it is a dye or a laxitive. All I know I shall be sitting here with some trepidation! I shall also be jolly hungry, I'm hungry now, no Nicky tomorrow. Procedure is on Tuesday morning. Don't know what they will find either, something not good that's for sure.

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  • I think it is a laxative I had a colonoscopy a few months ago your bowel has to be empty to do it . Good luck with it.

  • Gastrografin is a contrast medium (a dye) which contains iodine. It is used to clearly show on X-rays the area of your body that your doctor wants to investigate. Diarrhoea is listed as a possible side effect.


  • It sure is.a side effect

  • It is not very pleasant Hanne62. Something I wouldn't want again in a hurry. They did not find any thing when I had mine.

  • I'm anaemic and they don't know why. In a way it is a blessing, I am taking iron tablets which cause constipation, should clear that up!

  • If you are having it by ct it should not be as invasive as a colonoscopy using the scope. The ct takes pics from outside your body. I was offered the ct because they consider me to be 'fragile'. However, They told me that it would mean the slight chance of the scan missing something. So I opted for a full colonoscopy ( camera up from the rear end.) No it wasn't nice but they took 3 polyps and I know that they were not cancerous. I'm sure that you will be fine with the ct. Just need to stay near the loo after you drink the stuff.

  • The surgeon suspects a polyp, I suppose if it is I shall have to through it again. I am also considered fragile.

  • yes, unfortunately, if they find a polyp on the scan they then have to go in with the scope to remove it. One step at a time. anaemia can be caused by so many things. At least they are checking thoroughly. Good luck. I will be holding your hand.

  • That is sweet of you, thank you.

  • Pete and l have had colonoscopies and it was ok, not great but ok. Hope all goes well for you Tuesday and l will be thinking of you.

    Sending hugs. Xxxxx

  • That is really nice of you.

  • It makes LFTs seem quite a doddle, Peter. I hope it goes well for you on Tuesday and you'll eventually feel so much better when you're no longer anaemic. Good luck, Sue x

  • I trust so, it has made me a lot more out of breath. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Breathlessness is one of the signs of anaemia. It will be much better when that's sorted out. 🙂

  • Hoping that everything goes as well as can be expected for you petermeachem . It would be so good if once your anemia is sorted out,that it reduces your breathlessness too. Good luck and tell us how you got on.

  • Or maybe nothing at all as they did with me. The stuff you drink is not too bad either. I had one a few months ago.

  • Yep the gastro stuff was OK, seems to be working but nothing horrific. I am slightly wonky, lack of food. Just had some vegetable broth which was nice, and complain which was odd so that should help.

  • Well that's done. It wasn't much fun, the gastrografin was very much a laxitive and having your bowel inflated is not as amusing as it sounds. I shall gradually build the food back up and wait for the results.

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