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Thanks for all your reply of help well lucky my dla was just late so I should get it at the end of the month ,nothing back about my appeal yet ,I went to cab yesterday because the day before I'd gone to the jc to see if I could claim for a crisis loan or something as iv had nothing since 12jan ....well they don't do them anymore so I'm so ashamed to say I'm going to have to go to a food bank today for groceries iv thought about there's people there with children that need it much more than me but I really can't afford to borrow any more money from family for food and bills ....just hope this appeal comes quick ...on a good note iv lost 3llb .

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  • Don't feel ashamed about using a food bank, Mahoney. People have donated things so that there is something for you and others like you, to fall back on in your time of need now that there isn't anything else. It wasn't you who put yourself in this awful situation, it is a hard-hearted system making scapegoats of the poor. At least you know your DLA will be coming shortly.

  • You have nothing to be ashamed of as food banks are for everyone who needs them.

    Take care and hope all sorted soon. Xxxxxx

  • Hi Mahoney food banks are there to help people who find themselves in need through no fault of their own such as yourself.

    You shouldn't be ashamed about using a food bank, the powers that be are the ones that should be ashamed.

    Take care.


  • Ashamed no way should you feel that. Its the powers that be that should feel ashamed for putting people through no fault of there own in that position.

  • Thanks every one well still no money and still on food bank help I had to sign on for work on Thursday even though I told the adviser sometime I can't even get out of bed especially if iv had a bad night so his reply is you must come in every Monday to sign on and you must look for work he say force yourself out of bed and take some extra painkillers so iv got to do it if I want my rent ( council ) paid until I get my reply from my esa appeal which some people say is months ........

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