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I am having a bad day. I have very few problems compared to any of you dear friends. Mainly just sob. newly diagnosed moderate. I feel bad feeling so sorry for myself. I cant stay off of dr google. I just need to get a grip. Maybe the fear of the pain in the future. I do want to enjoy what a good life I have right now. I just don't know how. sorry, just needed this minute. thanks

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  • It's fine to be worried and good you can talk about it. You keep in touch and let us know how you doing. Take care love Bernadette 😊 xx

  • Thank you so much. I hope you are doing ok

  • Hello we all felt like you do when we were first diagnosed.

    This is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about.

    It's normal.

    Now you have found this site, the best thing you can do is keep away from Dr Google.

    Listen to the advice from members on here, who are living and coping with lung disease every day.

    Enjoy your life now...Don't waste your energy worrying about some pain that may never happen !!

    Look after yourself, have a healthy lifestyle, and you probably have many, many years left...Enjoy them.


  • Thank you. I hope you are feeling ok.

  • Not to bad thank you, on the mend at last ! 😂


  • Dr Google scared me to death when I found out I have emphysema. I was mild/moderate at first in 2014. Now I am mild. I am careful (most of the time) Exercise is the key, so long as you don't go out in fog. Start with short walks then build up slowly.

  • Thanks. I am also very overweight so I am walking. I live in usa in the Midwest so we have the cold now, every once in a while fog. I will be 61 on Saturday, may I ask how old you are.

  • He ho. Age is just a number I am 75 next birthday in June and have ABPA look that one up- but I refuse to let it get me down. I have a great consultant who is the best in the businees but travel fromScotland to Manchester England to see him. I have found a daily walk is so helpful both in mind and body. Sometimes I have to really push myself to go out but once I start walking things get better. Do try it, we have often rain in Scotland and no guaranteed summers but those of us with serious lung disease are deeply courageous folks so join us with your courage and resilience. I I have to nebulise every morning and night to keep lungs open but that is ok if it keeps me feeling reasonable . It or essential you stay positive laugh when you can and sing if you can it all helps. Good luck - great band of folks you have joined welcome aboard !

  • thank you. good advise!

  • I sometimes wonder if we don't suffer more from information overload than we do from the complaint we have. Things are rarely as bad as they first seem.

  • Thanks. I am praying that if I keep hearing these words from you friends I will get more hopeful.

  • absolutely

  • Hi, I was diagnosed as moderate just a year ago and did exactly what you did...... and scared myself stupid.

    So, lets look at this. Do you feel any different to how you felt before you were diagnosed? I already know the answer, no. Nothing has changed. That's exactly what my nurse said to me when I was in a panic.

    Well, a year on and still nothing has really changed. I still work full time, I still have to do my house work (boo) and still go to gigs. Since joining here it's put things into perspective and I realised I have cOPD but it doesn't have me. Ok, I have bad days and get chest infections in the winter but what I have learned is that with exercise and healthy eating we can slow down any deterioration in our condition and carry on a pretty normal life. Yes I have to pace myself but that is also my age (60) kicking in but I don't let it stop me doing anything just slows me down a bit.

    Do you work? If so you may be able to have adjustments at work which may help.

    Your life isn't over it's just a bit different, so take care of yourself and welcome to the site xx

  • Thanks, for the kind words. I work for myself. a little antique business. unfortunately its a little dusty country shop that I will need to get help cleaning it up because I love it & only will stop as a last resort.

  • could you wear a mask when you are dusting and sweeping? It sounds like a lovely business to have and at least you can work at your own pace unless you're considering sacking yourself lol!

    You'll be ok, if you run a business you must be a strong person so stay that way and you'll deal with this well. xxx

  • I truly appreciate what you've written--really good advice for all of us!! Thank you

  • Hi nice to meet you. Please don't feel bad for posting as naturally you are concerned and worried. I am only mild/moderate and everyone, despite their own problems, always rallies round me and all of us regardless of the severity of their illness. x

  • This seems to be such a wonderful group of people!

  • :) :D x

  • thanks so very much. My other obsession is wondering how old everyone is. I will be 61 tomorrow may I ask how old you are?

  • I was 63 2 days ago.x

  • coughalot2 ..and don't we know it.......

    HU Mum.

    :-D :-D

  • :) :D HU Daughter xx

  • xxxx

  • Hi, I'm 85 and have had COPD and diabetes T2 for the past 10 years or so. I've just got over a bad spell with the help of the good people on here when the congestion on my chest became very stubborn to shift.

    I think my body likes to give me a wake-call when I get a bit lackadaisical in looking after myself. Then it's important not to panic because once you get over the bad spell you feel even better than you did before it started. :-)

  • So glad you feel better. 85 & giving great advise. Thanks so much!!!

  • Hi Revagayle, you will calm down eventually and you will start getting back to normal, but with the ocassional anxious blip. As the saying goes. "This too will pass." It really will.

  • Thank You. I really like that & I am going to hold you to that!! ;)

  • Good morning revagayle,

    You are going to be fine....honestly. As long as you take care of your diet, and exercise, and if your medication suits you well and good...if it doesn't then there will be other options for you to try. I am moderate, and was on a couple of inhalers which didn't help to start with but now I'm on Fostair alone and would never know I have copd most of the time. You are in an exclusive club and all our members are here to help and support each other. Don't google - get your information straight from the horses mouths:-)

  • Thank you. I have gone backwards with my diagnosis. I had a cat scan for lung cancer (a research program for former smokers) that is where the copd was seen & listed as moderate, this was in 2015. Believe it or not I was so in denial I didn't think anything about it--yes I was very short of breath. My gp didn't say anything either & just rx for albuterol. Well this year there it was again & on my chart my Dr actually wrote copd as a diagnosis & rx for Adair. I just sent her an email & thought maybe I would like some more tests run so she is ordering pulmonary function tests. This site has already helped with seeing what you all have done & what should be done. thanks again

  • We are all with you. You were asking about ages. I am 77. So wishing you the best of everything in your assessment tests.

  • What an inspiration.

  • You haven't received a death sentence, you've just been told what is wrong with you. You've had the symptoms for quite a while now but at last, you know the cause. Moderate is fine....you can almost get on and lead a normal, full span life. No smoking plus keeping away from smoke so you won't be cooking over no bbq's. Great that isn't it....you can settle back, enjoy the company and food and let someone else get smoky and fussed. No, just a few adjustments will keep you going until something else carts you off. First, stop Googling it....you will confuse and panic yourself. Next healthy diet...try to keep your weight to around the recommended for your height and third, exercise. You may now be thinking "moron", how do I exercise when I'm short of breath? You can and from all your fellow inmates on this group that have been on PR ( Pulmanary Rehab), we are living proof. Don't wait for a course, though. Get some of BLF leaflets or if you want to, go to YouTube. Please be reassured, exercise and a good diet are the best way forward and definitely the best medicine.

  • Thank you, you are very reassuring to me. Yes. google is a devil. however, that is how I found you wonderful people. (I am from usa)

  • First of all, Reva, come to us before you consult Google. You can consult the BLF nurses. Never mind the future, work towards the present time. I should have read prevIous answers before I started to write. I am wondering whether you have some depression that can be dealt with. You mention SOB -I have that plus one of my many chest infections - luckily for me I will have a good moan rather than get depressed. I think you need to talk to your GP and explain your feelings.

  • Yes, I do suffer from depression but have never liked the meds as I feel like I am in a gray area. never happy never sad. if that makes sense. I am having some more tests done & will be more forthcoming with my Dr. I cry very easily & this often makes it hard for me to talk a lot. thanks again.

  • Welcome ,, I can't add much advise other than to say I was diagnosed back in 1992 I'm now age 71 and go to the gym 3 times a week and have done this since 2008 ,so you can see it's not a death sentence as you will see from your new health unlocked friends comments ,best wishes ,

  • thanks so much for the encouragement !

  • Hello revagayle . I and I am guessing everyone here understands. We have all been through that Dr. Google phase too. And to be honest you don't need to 'get a grip' . The grip will come in good time. Do allow for the sink in. And then everything gets clearer and better.

    Sending you a big hug.

    Cas xx 💜

  • thank you very much

  • the diagnose can be very scary. I have had lung issues for close to 30 yrs. Allergies, then asthma, then COPD, then 5 yrs ago diagnosed having Bronchiectasis.

    Don't let the bad days get you down. And make the most of the good days.

    Stay healthy by eating healthy and exercising when you can, to keep the lungs clear. You mentioned that you are overweight, buy a new or used treadmill or stationary bike for inside exercise during the bad weather.

    Have a good relationship with your specialist and if what you are taking isn't working have your dr try you on a different med.

    You may want to try in addition to your meds; such as supplements, no processed foods, limit dairy products, etc.

    This forum is a great place to start learning tips on managing your illness.

    Bye the way, I'm 67 and it has taken a long time, but with my current meds and lifestyle, I can lead a 90% normal lifestyle. I can't run marathons, but I can pretty much do what I want to do daily.

    I also live in the midwest, Iowa.


  • Thank you & nice to meet you. Very good suggestions. What is your copd diagnosis and how long have you had it? If that is not too personal. Thanks again>

  • I feel the same today but hang in there ..it will pass

  • I am sorry. wish I had words of encouragement but I am not there myself. Please read the posts from the others, they are so good.

  • Hi Revagayle, Welcome to the site. What wonderful replies you've gotten. The people on this site are truly amazing. I'm sure you feel much better already. The big thing is to keep active. The less you do, the less you'll be able to do. Please let us know how you make out. Ruby🌹

  • Thanks. It is so comforting to know that there are people that really know how you feel!

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