Resistant bacterial infection pneumonia 4 months now

So my doc doesn't believe I have infection in lung coz x ray clear n stepascope clear. Chest infection are not always picked up on these things n that's a fact. I'd had enough to know. Particularly if you don't catch n it develops from the bad bacteria you already have. Anyhow iv a bad cold right now gone right through me n on top of the infection in lung making me really ill. Iv pain tightness numbness in left lung as since infection started but it's always worse with cold. I feel cold all the time n have chills going through my blood I'm weak n feel so I'll was hoping cold would clear n at least I'd only have one thing but its aggravating the what I'm pretty sure is a milder form of pneumonia. I dunno what to do next. I'm coughing bad n feel rotten. I can't eat now either I'm throwing up. I went to a n e last Sunday explained the story to doc he was good n listened to me I keep explaining it's resistant that's why no antibiotics r working but no1 seems to know about resistance. I was underdosed antibiotics n that's how it happened. I can't cough out mucus it's non productive. I'm now low on potassium too n am getting bad cramps coz of all antibiotics wiped out my potassium. I'm in a bad way really. This emergency doc gave me the strongest oral dose possible of levofloxcin combined with clarithmycin I can't take any of these as they both deplete potassium massively n I read bad side effects of the levofloxcin. At this stage I need an expert or bronchscopy n ct scan I cant keep trying stuff it's ruining my health. So even though it might not be serious infection see how bad it effects me with a cold I was already fatigued with chest b4 cold now I'm floored n it's cold on top of it. So the emergency doc also referred me to respiratory n said I'd get a call from nurse which I don't know long will take as these transfer of files usually take weeks. I'm gonna loose my job at this stage. I'm being humiliated going into my own doc by being asked if I'm anxious n they don't think there's an infection they don't think we'll they're thinking is wrong!! I don't feel comfortable going back there now I'm going in n out since October about the same thing. My immune is wrecked. If I hadn't infection in lung cold wouldn't be half as bad like iv spasm in my back my lungs so tight my lung is n it right...I'm suffering bad at this stage...I feel this suffering is too much to take.

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  • Also that nice a n e doc done c reactive protein and its 53! This proves infection doesn't's ridiculous I'm being treated like this. You'd think complaining that long they'd do a ct scan like unbelievable.

  • if you have a crp of 53 you should have been admitted and given IV antibiotics. Pneumonia is often silent and the patient doesn't produce any sputum because it is stuck down there. Have you taken your temperature? It wouldn't be a bad idea to take the two antibiotics that the A&E doc prescribed for you. The infection is the main issue. The pottasium can be addressed later. You really do not want to end up with sepsis through an untreated infection. What on earth your GP is up to I cannot think. A bronchoscopy will only diagnose any underlying cause of ongoing lung problems. The infection is the primary concern. If you don't think that your GP is going to do anything if you go back to show him your crp and temp ( if you have one) I really suggest that you go back to A&E. I do hope that you get sorted out. What you are going through is ridiculous.

  • Thanks 4 feedback. It helps to know someone understands. I totally agree pneumonia can be silent iv read lots stories n some have no chest pain at all n none of usual symptoms. Why don't doc know this too if you know and I know n other people's story online. As if iv nothing better to do like than trapse up n down to doc when there's clear discomfort in my lung. I don't know why nothing shows on x Ray but with me 4 some reason it usually never shows n iv had a worse infection than this which the a n e doc said did show she could see it yet radiograher said it was clear...I was burning up in work 2 days ago but when I got home temp shows normal. I dunno these tests seem to miss me. But yeah I only looked up that crp n have no knowledge of this but nurse said they 'll do n that will show infection n that must been it. I picked out another blood test I'd done a year ago which crp was only 1 so 53 seems pretty high when ref range is 1-5. So why didn't they admit me like gees I dunno at all. Yes iv copy of crp so I could bring to docs but I feel so silly now to go back there again. I might ph hospital n see how long would I be expecting nurse to ring me. I had all the low potassium before n near had heart attack with it so don't want it to go any lower n that was another dilemma too where the bloods were wrong n no1 would believe me eventually I got a doc that did n could see pattern of tests must be wrong plus I'd all sypms n he prescribed supplements but I should have been intravenous I was so bad. I thought bronchsvopy would show specific bacteria. I am gonna try that antibiotic but I need to get my potassium up abit first n if it didn't work n still had infection I'd be even worse off with low potassium n the suffering would be even worse. The supplements are hard on stomach n have to take with food n it takes months to build it back up. And yes a n e doc said come back if not better. Feeling dunno what to do but I'll think of next step hopefully. Thanks 4 advice. It's honestly soothed my soul to hear your reply. Thank you.

  • its disgusting, your health should be their main concern. You wore is doing you no good at all,you need answers and a solution to these ailments. Please stay strong, drink loads . Keep in touch and let us know how you are love Bernadette 😊 xxx

  • Thanks Bernadette thanks alot

  • A blood test showed that I had an infection and I was given antibiotics to clear it.

    Can you discuss your worry about taking the antibiotics that were given you by the emergency doctor with a medical professional ....a nurse or pharmacist, maybe. My pharmacist has a small private room where you can discuss any problem...would yours be open tomorrow. An infection needs treating.

    Are you taking any other medications at all.

    Oranges and bananas are rich in youngest daughter s levels were low at one time.

    Feeling ill will make you anxious, but that is natural. Anxiety and breathing problems often seem to go hand in hand as well......certainly do for me.

    I have had this cold bug too, a dripping nose a wheezy chest and feeling sick. I think it's going away slowly....I am drinking more ...water that is !

    Best wishes

  • Thanks I have potassium supplements its just with the loss of appetite coming on it's hard to get them in. There's no way around it really only to get my potassium up abit n then take antibiotics. I'd risk further health probs if I took now coz iv had very low potassium b4 caused by antibiotics too n I almost took heart attack during an antibiotic that depletes potassium. N my blood tests were coming out falsely elevated which meant I had to treat myself. Too much acid in blood can falsely raise a blood test it's very prone to false readings n I couldn't convince any medical doc of this at the time. They only gave me one day of oral supplements after my bloods were low n they shot up ten points which is impossible from one day of supplements it usually takes months to get levels up that high n later when I did supplement it took months. N supplements can raise your bloods quite abit but it's not what's actually in stores so need to be off to them to get accurate test. Yes orange juice good thanks can't eat bananas anymore coz I ate so many during that bad deficiency.

    Thanks 4 sharing.

  • No I'm not on any other meds apart from nexium. Colds r rotten n can be nasty. My throat tissues are damaged from being burned n infection is harbouring in them. The nausea is most worrying if I can't eat that's a big problem. I got sick twice today from bouts of coughing but nausea too. What blood test showed infection? Hope your cold clears soon x

  • I totally agree with Stillstanding that you should have been admitted to hospital for iv antibiotics. Very bad that you weren't.

    Dial 999 and tell them you need hospital to treat a potentially fatal infection. Totally disgusting.

    Good luck to you, xxxxxx

  • Thanks i think you are right how many times do you have to keep going in n out like, I'm not getting better. And with that crp at least that was proof of infection flipping heck glad it showed on something.

    Thanks a lot for your response

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