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Emphysema 4th course antibiotics is it safe

Hi everyone, I have emphysema and have had a bad chest infection since just before Xmas, I've had 3 courses of amoxycillin 500mg three times a day and have now been given Co amoxiclav 500/125 three times a day for a week, does anybody know if it's OK to have four courses in a row with only a few days break after the first course

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This can be quite common with emphysema and other serious chest conditions. Sometimes a bad infection takes some beating and sometimes it takes a while to find the right antibiotic for the job. One way of helping to find the right one quickly is to keep a pot to take a sputum sample when an infection shows itself and get your GP to have it tested asap.

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Hi Ryansmum. Co-amoxiclav is amoxicillin plus clavulinic acid which makes the amoxicillin work for those where amoxicillin on its own doesn't work - possible you might be one of those people. Same for me. Hope it does the trick now.

And as MrsM suggests, do ask for a sputum pot and take in a sample so they can check that the antibiotic is the right one for whichever bacteria yours is. Take care :)


Thanks for the info, was worried about taking antibiotics for such a long time, and I will get the doctor do a sputum test when I can get an appointment


You don't have to wait to get an appointment - you can call the surgery to ask for a telephone appointment, then ask the GP on the phone to leave the sputum pot out with the necessary form filled in (well s/he would know to do that anyway!) for you to collect.


Hi Ryan mum, welcome to the site. It sounds a good idea to get your sputum tested. As mrs Mummy says lung infections can be difficult to clear. Has your Gp talked about oral steroids? X


Hi, yes I've had the steroids with the first course of antibiotics

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I was told to always send in a sputum sample to be tested to find the right antibiotics to treat the right infection,, amoxicillin is one of the antibiotics that are prescribed to cover numerous infections ,,,,on a personal note amoxicillin does nothing to help clear up any of the infections I've had over the last few years ,,,, get well soon ,


Thank you


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