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I'm new here&I live in theUSA. I've been diagnosed with stage 2 emphysema & have been put on a bronchiolator-Stiolto Respimat.It seems to improve my breathing-not huffing &puffing as much. I'm interested in hearing from you Brits (my parents were from the UK) as there's a good chance that you may be more advanced in treatment. Things can move rather slowly here what with the FDA!

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  • Things can move very slowly here too. We think of the US as being much speedier.

    This is a brilliant site, everyone is friendly supportive and well-informed.

    All the best

  • Stiolto respimat is only about a year old here and most people doctors respiratory nurses and pharmacists I've come across haven't seen or heard of it. My consultant prescribed it last March and it works for me.

    The information I've read says a laba/lama mix in a mist inhaler delivers the medicine to the lungs better, so if for some reason stiolto doesn't work for you there are others available.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you for your reply. The beauty of the Stiolto is that it doesn't contain steroids but what I've experienced is that all these inhalers create coughs & a raspy throat - or maybe it's just me. I know there are other drugs out there so I'm keeping an eye on as to just what else there may be available for any of us.

  • Welcome to you and hope you find being a member helpful and informative. Best regards to you. Xxxxxx

  • I always think the USA is much quicker at licencing meds than the UK. If you are slow then we are snails! x

  • I have been on this site for a long time and can say I like it here better. More information here, better info here. New treatments and meds. become available in Europe sooner than the U S>

  • Thanks to those who have replied-it seems to be a truly friendly & informative website. I'm glad that I found it, it's comforting & encouraging to know that I'm not alone but rather a member of large network in which we all share something in common.

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