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Asthma exabation

Well I've had 9 weeks ruff ride. Just before Xmas I spent 8 days in hospital with low peak flow and exabation of asthma. Then 2 days after getting out and off nebs my peak flow once again started to drop back down till 3rd I ended up in resus in hospital with chest infection and exabation of asthma. Doc do the understand what the trigger is. Me either has been been over this for 5 years. Little scared once I get out hospital I'm gonna end up back in with same issues has my asthma seems to be well outta control feel so fed up with it all now. :(

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Triggers are difficult to find. Without further suffering, not really required.

My worse is Air Wick air fresheners especially the automated or to a lesser degree the plug in type.

Aerosols can be a trigger, deodorant sprays, hair sprays cleaning fluids.

One possible solution is to list all household products than are likely to cause a trigger and try and match to your recent difficulties.

Dust mites are another major trigger.


Hi stone

Yer me and the consultant have been through all off them even every allergy blood test going. No trigger. It's just weird 1 min I'm OK next I'm not. I don't use chemicals at home for cleaning cause they can irritate my chest. So been advices to by all antibacterial odourless. I use air purring machine. All natural essential oils for smells around the home. Don't buy any air freshers used to. But we gone all natural. So frustrating not knowing the unknown :(



Do you have any problems with aniexty, that's another issue I have, can fetch on a sudden attack.

Not had as many problems since taking medication as suggested by my respitory nurse. Lorazepam half tablet twice daily.



No can't see that being an issue. I have has asthma since I was 14 only ever was it mild docs called it exercising asthma induced from to much sports. Then about 5 years ago around December got really bad called on chest which turned out to be night time asthma exabation. From there it's got worse....


Having similar issues myself over past 2 years.

After having flu jab I seemed to have a down hill decline, breathing deteriated drastically, chest infection, so back on antibiotics, prednisolone. In hospital Dec 2015, changed meds and increases nebs - so bought my own nebuliser in hoping to keep me out of hospital, working with my GP this has helped, but sadly I'm no better with the breathing. Awaiting to go to The Royal Brompton appt end January. Incurred further infection last 2 weeks, which isn't helping, the coughing has caused damage to my ribs... Feeling rather sorry for myself, as this is taking its toll snd so long to clear up.

Not being able to work, either is soon to impact on my income.


Hi jokir007.

I no how u feel. This is my second admittions in 2 weeks. Had enough now. Seems to have been a battle for 5 years on and off. But then something gets a hold and don't let go. Since August it's been none stop. Sick of being on steriods now. They upped mine this week to 50mg I was wow noooo. Already been on 40mg since 12 December I take that many tablets and inhalers.

I do hope they one day find a cure for asrhmor even or even a better way to help manage it

Hope you get well soon


These aren't necessarily asthma exacerbations but given how much colds are going round its probably that.

Common cold is just a couple or weeks discomfort for a healthy young person but if we asthmatics/copders get them it goes to the chest, over produces mucous, becomes a petri dish to culture bacteria... and we're in A&E..

And triggers - you don't have to allergic to something - when your tubes get twitchy anything perfumed/strong smells/ pet dander/carpet/dust/ steam/fabreze... feels like a thousand pins sticking in your throat/wind pipe.......

Best wishes.


Hi soulsaver

I understand where your coming from with colds and flu

Every time I go to a&e I go through the same thing blood test, blood gases, chest xray always and I mean always they come back clear.

So of course because if the symptoms of asthma, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, high resps, cough, flushing, wheezing, it's always put down to asthma exacerbation by the consultants because it's always night time it happened the worst. No triggers which they are struggling to find the right action home plan. Already take uniphyllin 800mg a day relvar and montelucast. Also salbutamol with no effect. With me all it seems is my airway don't want to play ball. I've been on 40mg steriods since 12 December and still end up back in hospital with dropping peak flow over 2 weeks. I kind off lost what to do has I really don't want to come bk in once I'm out. I've change my life style so many times but makes no different :(


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