Poor mum

My mum has been very sleepy again today not much of an appetite but she has managed to eat it it's just her drinking fluids that's the problem I'll make her a cup of tea and it will be their ten minutes later cold I have even sat with her but she just drops to sleep and as for the oxygen well that's still very low and she is still non compliant if I keep on at mum she just gets very annoyed so I'm at a losing point I'm just making sure she is comfortable as possible

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  • That's all you can do Chezzy - your mum is lucky to have such a caring daughter. Maybe soup would be best eating option as there's lots of liquid in it. Not using the oxygen and having such low levels will make her sleepy, its a shame she won't use it but you've done all you can. Take care :)

  • Hi

    You get 20% of your fluid from food.

    Here is a short list


    Percentage Water

    Lettuce (1½ cup)


    Watermelon (1½ cup)


    Broccoli (1½ cup)


    Grapefruit (1½ cup)


    Milk (1 cup)


    Orange juice (3/4 cup)


    Carrot (1½ cup)


    Yogurt (1 cup)


    Apple (one medium)


    Just to add you are doing a fantastic job, don't stress your self to much being there offering the assistance, even if not always accepted is such a help.

  • You are doing your very best Chezzy and can only encourage your mum. Thinking of you. Xxxx

  • Thankyou the thing is mums body will slowly be shutting down and she asks for some pain relief she has paracetamol but when I ask her where the pain is she says just a bit of backache mum can be very stubborn and not tell me she is in pain so that I don't worry or fone the doctor I just don't want mum to suffer anymore than she is doing how will I know if things are progressing she is very sleepy I set my alarm for every two hours to check on her but if I wake her to put her oxygen on all hell breaks loose and she gets very agitated so I am trying my hardest mum is set in her ways and once her mind is made up no one can change it I just feel so sorry for her x

  • Hi try giving her soup with a straw as drinking normally can be too much effort for someone so ill. Hold it for her as well so it takes as least effort as possible for her. Try a baby plastic mug for the soup. x

  • Good idea. I got my husband a sippy cup, you can get adult ones, He was too sleepy to sit up and drink properly. He would take in more liquid from the sippy cup. I think he would have objected to a baby cup. Examples of Adult cups here.


  • How about an ice lolly? you can get the pure orange ones or even make them yourself. It might make her mouth feel a bit fresher too. x

  • My mum loved ice cream and she got it down quite quickly as it's easy to swallow. x

  • Dear Chezzy, you're doing a marvellous job with your Mum. She will know you're trying so hard to help her. Just keep doing what you think is best & it will be.

    Take care 💐

  • You are doing all that you can, Chezzy, and I expect you must be very worn out too...especially waking every couple of hours at night. You are doing a wonderful job for your mum, but there will probably become a limit to the help she will accept as she becomes more sleepy. Please take care of yourself too. All the best to you both.. xxx

  • it must be emoitionally draining for u caring for ur mam.everyone has given good advicefor food

    thinking of u

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