Any ideas for getting rid of phlegm off of chest

Hi all,me again.

Sorry to be a pain but I've been in bed for the past 3 days with the worst chest infection.

I nearly rang for an ambulance last night,but managed to settle myself.

I'm taking my rescue meds,started them on I probably feel a tiny bit better,not much.

The problem I have is when I cough my lungs hurt so much,and although I have phlegm on my chest,I can't shift it.

Has anybody got any advice to get rid please.

Thank you.


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  • Hi Fantasy. Drink plenty fluids that don't contain caffeine......I have mostly boiled water with honey and ginger in it. Try steam inhalation, as this thins the mucus and makes it easier to move. If you have Ventolin, have a puff of that and try huffing.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thanks Pam,

    I do drink boiled water with lemon.

    And I've been doing steam inhalation today.

    As for idea what this is


  • Hi Fantasy. Huffing is hard to describe, lol. Imagine that you're breathing onto your glasses to give them a clean! Sorry, can't think of a better way of putting it! 😃😃 XXX

  • 😁

  • Hi fantasy, so sorry about the chest say you are taking your rescue medication, but do you think you need to be seen by your GP as well, if you haven't done so.

    Best wishes

  • Sorry you're so poorly, Fantasy. I think 2017 isn't getting off to a good start at all!

    What can you do? I'm sure others will have better ideas but for a start drink cold water - little but often is ok. It helps to thin the mucus so it's easier to shift.

    Move around. I know it's hard but movement will help shift things as well.

    Have a look at the Active Cycle of Breathing on You tube. Breathing exercises which do work. Try to shift something before you go to sleep, then try again when you wake up.

    The antibiotics should help to break things up. If they're not helping by tomorrow morning I'd suggest getting in touch with your doctor because a different antibiotic might be needed. I suppose a sputum specimen is out of the question?!

    If your chest still hurts when you cough it would be good to tell your GP.

    Feel better soon, Sue xxx

  • One of the Active Cycle of Breathing exercises is huffing Fantasy. You will see how to do it in a YouTube, either about ACB, or just about correct way to do huffing. Hope you feel better :)

  • Ask Dr for Carbocisteine and/or a Flutter device - either or both will help

    Best wishes

  • Feel better soon Fantasy and you have had some great advice so hopefully something will help. Xxxx

  • As y-not says a Flutter device does help. They are available on the NHS. I found out after paying £54 for one.

  • Unless you live in Derbyshire where it seems the "National" bit of NHS doesn't apply and they are NOT available!!

  • I believe they have to be given by physio at hospita, not go.

  • What is a flutter device?

  • gives a reasonable demo/expanation

  • I believe they have to be given by physio at hospital, not available from GP.

  • Good morning fantasy. Hope you are feeling a little better. So much good info. When I feel congested I use Friars Balsam one teaspoon in a pint of very hot water. Top tip use an ols bowl as it is very oleaginous (oily and sticks to the bowl). Cover your head with a towel and breathe deeply and gently. It breaks down mucous.

    Good luck.

  • Hi tryfan.

    I have been using olbas oil in boiling water,which does help too.x

  • Thanks everybody for all your replies.

    I had a horrendous night.

    I'm hoping I start to feel a bit normal again today.

    I'm attempting to potter around,but when you are fighting for breath it's not easy😢

    Still,on the plus side,I've started "huffing",and got some results.😊


  • Sorry your night was so bad. Do your rescue meds usually take this long to 'kick in'? Think it would be good to let your GP know how you are.

    Congratulations on being a huffer! You need to sound like a tramp!! 🙂 xxx

  • No watfordgirl,my rescue meds normally kick in pretty much straightaway.

    This bug is a really nasty one .

    I've taken it upon myself to double my dose of antibiotics throughout the day,and hoping to feel the benefit tomorrow.

    In the past I have been prescribed antibiotics and to take 2x tabs 3 times a day.

    So that's what I'm doing now.

    Wish me luck


  • Wishing you bucketfuls of luck.

    There is a really horrible thing going all over the county it would seem. Do look after yourself and let us know how it goes.


  • put saline in nebulizer works every time

  • My other half got me some saline from chemist tonight,and I had a go on my neb.never used it before.

    I'm assuming I'm ok to use it without my docs consent?

  • I do have a neb,never used it.

    Where do I get saline from? X

  • It sounds like my cough which is all day every day and when I can't cough up the crap I just take paracetamol ! I have had a daily cough for about 35-40 years

  • what I used when I had my infection was a steamer (vaporizer) 24/7 with eucalyptus oil, plus vicks or any menthol rub on your back. chest and ribs, plus my dr had me on antibiotics, steroids and cough syrup with hydrcodone because I cant take codeine. Robitussin is a very good 2nd choice. The best is called nova histex DH it allows you to cough up the nasty phlegm and not hurt yourself. Mind this when you are in the steam you may not go outside for anything, The steam opens all your pours and airways and if you go outside you could get pnemonia so stock up on what you need before, flat gingerale is very soothing, chicken soup and either icecream or sherbert (sorbet) and lots of water.

  • I've started my neb,after getting the ok from the nurse.

    What can I say,it's a blooming miracle worker😊

    Can cough,breath.

    Although my stomach muscles are killing me where I've coughed so much😊

    But at least I can breath.

    Thanks everybody for your help and advice.


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