Ct scan says mild emphezima but pft says 113% lung fucntion?

I have smoked about 1/2 pack since I was 18. I am 45 now. Singer and was a swimmer. Never had bronchitis till Oct 2016. Diagnosed me with asthma. Ct scan says mild mild emphezima but pft says fev is 113% and pulmonary dr says if I quit smoking now Ill live a long life. How can I have above average lung function but mild emphezima? Fev/fvc. 95% fev 113% fvc 109%

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  • I should also mention that I also have small areras of alacetits? Small collapses in the lungs??

  • Early stage emphysema can be seen on CT before it noticeably impacts on lung function - even then people put it down to getting older nad don't seek treatment for many years.

    However it is 'in' your numbers - Fev/Fvc 95% predicted is within the normal range; but it's also within the impaired range.

    Keep fit, eat healthily, avoid colds (easier said...) QUIT SMOKING NOW - and you'll die of old age :)

    If Atelectasis is the word you're looking for, is usually self righting.

  • I was told that it was 70 % predicted or less that showed impairment? Predicted was 80% and I blew a 76 so I blew 95% of predicted. .so confusing

  • Hi gizzie,

    My Spirometry is over 100% but my gas transfer figures are below 70% suggesting a problem with alveòli rather than airways. I am waiting for the results of a ct scan but expect a diagnosis of emphysema.

  • Hi your lung function was so high because you were a singer and probably coz of the swimming as well. This can push your figures well above the 100% mark. But 95% is still great so you would only have mild copd at worst. This is by no means a death sentence and you can still lead a long and healthy life. Keep up the exercising as this is very beneficial for suffers of lung problems. x

  • Personally ,, and I stress personally,, I would concentrate on giving up smoking and the dr's words telling you " if you give up now you will live longer " should be the only incentive you need ,I'm age 70 smoked from age 15 to 44 average of 15/20 cigarettes a day ,so if I can give up so can you ,I have bronchiectisis asthma,COPD ,emphasyma, and I go to the gym on average 3 times a week ,and I do approx 1&1/2 klm on treadmill ,5klm on the bike , 3klm on the hand bike and 1000 meters on the rower ,, ,,, so stop smoking ,eat healthy ,exersise and you WILL live longer ,

  • What is your lung function if you dont mind me asking?

  • My fev is 76 at the moment ,but 3 moths ago it was down to 63 , I hadn't been able to exersise much last year due to other health problems,that's why my fev dropped ,consultant wanted to try me on oxygen ,but I refused as I knew I could get my fev level back up with increased exersise ( as other health problem was now sorted ) so that's when I went back to the gym but instead of twice a week I went 3/4 times a week ,and my levels went up ,consultant was really pleased ,so the answer to better health and longer and more fulfilled life is simple,


  • I'm now 42 and was diagnosed at 40 with emphysema, smoked since I was 17... I had a chest x-ray during a ER visit unrelated to breathing and it showed mildly hyperinflated lungs so my MD referred me to a pulmonary doctor due to my concerns, not his. The new doctor ordered a CT/PFT test, CT showed moderate emphysema primarily in the paraseptal areas but my PFT I think was close to normal at the time of diagnosis but there are other numbers in the PFT, my spirometry report showed FEV1/FVC Pred 77.35 Pre 79.05 and %Pred 102 and FVC 101 not sure how these numbers are calculated? The bottom of my report in the comments stated: No post test done, FVC & fev1 80% or greater which is very confusing considering my primary doctor went by the 79.05 so I guess they look at more than just certain numbers on the reports as well as the CT scan to make the diagnosis. I suppose Emphysema effects people differently and many factors come into play like environmental, genetics, activity levels, diet ect... Very good question

  • I have zero shortness of breath. And I am gonna keep it that way thanks for the input!

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