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I am 69 years of age, I am extremely fit and can run for an hour no problem I can also use weights for over an hour straight after my run. For the last 5 years I have been getting a chest infection, now yesterday I was told I had a trace of copd after a check up as I had a session of antibiotics and steroids for a week but 2 weeks later I had another chest infection. I wheeze a lot, especially at night. I must be honest this has frightened me. I really don't know what to expect from now on.

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Hi there Osborne. As this problem has been going on for five years it really needs a consultant to diagnose it properly. GPs and respiratory nurses are trained to look for COPD but not other conditions such as bronchiectasis, All chest conditions need different treatment and management and the sooner you know what, if anything, you are dealing with the better. Don't worry, you are very fit and have been living with whatever the problem is for some time. Many of us on here lead active lives and have had various lung conditions since childhood. In the New Year do push to go to a consultant. Don't take no for an answer.

Have a great Christmas and keep in touch with us in 2017


Yes I will thanks.


Obviously, you need to have this checked out O but with your current level of fitness, I wouldn't worry too much. If you have mild COPD, it won't progress that quickly so try not to be too anxious while you are waiting for a consultation and proper diagnosis.


Thanks, I will insist on seeing a specialist.


Hi, welcome to you.

Good replies from Stillstanding & Billiejean, do ask for a referral. Alas I've said many times before, I'd go private for a diagnosis with CT scan if I had my time over rather than wait on NHS. I started like you, pretty fit n healthy apart from a bad infection every Christmas for years then wheezing at night year round - much worse in winter, loads more infections, pneumonia.

I just had worsening asthma and a bit of bronchiectasis. Manageable thank goodness.

It's great that you know about keeping fit. Do take extra care though when you've an infection weakening you. Get some high probiotics for during n after antibiotics. Good luck, Peege


Hi! Which probiotics do you recommend!!

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I get mine from Healthspan, 20 billion I think, order online, good quality, capsules, free post. I believe others also get them from Holland and Barrett.

Deffo not those expensive little drinks - you'd have to drink about 20 a day to get a good dose 😃


I'm only on steroids this time as I had antibiotics a month ago with steroids. What are high probiotics?


Probiotics is the good bacteria you need after the antibiotics kill it all off along with the bad.


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