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My husband had the upper lobe of his right lung removed in June 2014. He developed a terrible infection after that and was in the hospital for 22 days. When he came out of the hospital he was on oxygen and has been on it 24/7 ever sense. He has been told since them he has emphysema. He has had three flares two in February and one in April. Those only lasted a week. He stated another one Oct 17th and can't get over it. he has had three rounds of steroids and antibiotics.

and on have any ideas where we go from here. We are hoping this isn't ending up being the norm.

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  • Please don't accept this as the norm Jan. Are you sure your husband is on the right antibiotics? Has he ever provided a sputum sample for testing tol analyse what bacteria is causing his infection as different bacteria need the correct AB. If he's been on one which is ineffective against the bacteria in his lungs that would explain why his infection is taking so long to resolve. So first off I would be asking his GP about a sputum test to isolate the bacteria in his infection. If it still isnt clearing up, then request further tests - a CT scan would show if there is anything besides emphysema in your husband's lungs, and a simple x-ray can show if e.g. there is pneumonia present. Hopefully others will be along soon with more ideas. And you could call the BLF helpline and speak to one of their nurses on 03000 030 555 office hours.

    Most of us here have learnt that we need to be very proactive with our doctors to get the care we need so don't give up. Good luck :)

  • He had a chest xray , ekg and a ton of blood work two weeks ago. The last antibiotic he was on was two different ones which is what gave him some relief in the spring. All tho the pulmonologist says there is no infection. The medical doctor is who put him on the antibiotics and the last 12 days of steroids. The first two dozes of steroids were for 10 days. each.

    We see the MD tomorrow and I will ask him about a sputum test.

    Thank you for replying. We live in the USA.

  • Let us know how your husband gets on Jan, when you've been to the appointment - more good luck!

  • Yes, I will. Thank you

  • Hi foxy79 replying

    Hello about your husband infection it it's possible he might have somosunban bectrial infection or could be exeberation it comes and goes you need lots of cocktail antibiotics to treat it as antibiotics starts building a resistance when you use it few times I know cause I experienced it and in hospital know with it your husband needs to give a abg blood sample and sputum sample few times might have co2 as well and needs ibep or bibep as you can get more info on B.L.F or ask again thank you 😊 hope he feels better soon!

  • Thank you for the advise

  • The Dr told us today he is convinced it isn't an infection. He said only half the time it is. A fourth of the time it is caused by something a person breaths in and a fourth of the time they never know what has caused it.

  • Great reply O2 x

  • As others here know I had a bad flare up last February which took 4 courses of antibiotics and 5 of steroids. Has taken a long time to get back to where I was. Reason I am saying this is to say your husband is clearly having a rough time at the moment but that does not mean he won't start to feel better. As suggested he needs to get the right antibiotic.

    Hope he feels better soon.

  • Thank you!

    That makes me feel better. We had no idea they could last that long.

    Seems we have to drag everything out of the DR. He seemed so surprised when it wasn't gone in a few weeks. Which scared us even more.

    Thank You!

  • The last lot of antibiotics I took shifted it. Sadly I can't remember what they were but they were VERY strong. I was actually warned they would make me feel quite unwell (and boy they did) but it shifted the infection. GP is a specialist in COPD and he certainly seemed to know what he was talking about compared to other GPs I saw. It then has taken me several months to recover from how unwell I was.

  • Hi jan422

    Just wanted to say is the doctor sure it's not a infection and what's is the diagnostic who is in pain ? See that first and even if it's a exacerbation antibiotics can help well doctor would palm anyone off even tryed it with me on Sunday I suffered and my specialists came Monday at 1pm gave me co amoxicillin and chitromacin ivf trust me I'm walking around know Sunday I couldn't breath do anything and after few ivf I'm walking ready to go home it's only my 3rd day pls seek more advise then balance for yourself take care

  • Jan 422

  • I should have said...he coughs very little. The first flare ups he had in late winter he coughed up a plug of nasty green stuff and started to feel better. this time he has coughed up very little and when he did cough something up it was not green and there was very little of it.

    That was why the pulmonologist sais it was not infected and only gave him a steroid. When I called a week later he put him on another antibiotic and told me to call the GP if he didn't snap out of it, I had a round of antibiotics and gave that to him with the steroid.

    Two weeks ago he saw the Gp and that is when he ran all the tests gave him a stronger steroid for 12 days and two strong antibiotics for 10 days.

    Have any of you had to go into the hospital for IV steroids?

    Thank you all for the replys.

  • The Doc gave him 20 Mg of steroids to take one a day for 7 days. Then call him if he feels better on the steroids he'll prescribe 5 mg to take for I don't know how long. He also gave him a prescription for musimist which goes into the nebulizer along with the regular medicine. He says it smells like rotten eggs. He doesn't want to put him in the hospital and give him IV steroids unless he really has to. The Doc is afraid of him catching something.

    He ended up having the stomach flu yesterday. So feeling pretty beat up.

    Thank you!!! I felt much better knowing that a flare can last longer than a few weeks. No one has told us this is the new norm. But that is what we were afraid of.

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