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Has anyone experienced low peak flow after using Revla Elipta?

My consultant suggested I change from Seretide to Revla Elipta three months ago. My peak flow dropped right away and has remained lower than I would like ie about 200 if I'm lucky, slightly under if not.

I mentioned this to the respiratory physio who encouraged me to keep going with it as the Seretide has been linked to increased cases of pneumonia. I mentioned it last week to my GP but he seemed to think I should continue.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and, if so, does the peak flow eventually improve? I remember the consultant telling me I might have to persevere for a month or two, but this seems to be going on too long.

I'm wondering if I should try and make contact with the consultant directly.

Any thoughts on this?

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peak flow is mainly for checking asthma , I was put on relvar ellipta and incruse ellipta, to replace my seretitide 500 and tiotropium. I was told it would take a couple weeks before seeing a benefit still waiting, I don't think they would make your peak flow worse. Its copd I have but I check my peak flow now and again and no matter what I do on a good day im lucky if I get 110.


I'm on Incruse Ellipta, but was on Relvar Ellipta, it's taken about a month before I could feel any benefit from it, now I'm able to walk that bit more & breathe more easily, when I first went on Incruse Ellipta I felt the same as you


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