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Morning all, saw the doc yesterday (soent the rest of the day trying to find facts) he was as flumoxed by the result as I was, so he decided with my family history (heart attacks and strokes) I should go on statins. I'd rather not start on them without a chance of trying diet change, which as a coeliac is hard. Still, no more cakes, biscuits, sweeties (sweet tooth) no more bread either. So anyone have any top tips I'll be very grateful. I use rapeseed oils and sunflower spreads. I have 3 months then its retest and see. Wish me luck, its going to be extra hard at this time of year xx

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  • i know someone who had very high blood pressure who by changing their diet, as you are going to, brought his blood pressure back to normal. That was in a three month range. Best of luck to you I am sure whatever goals you set yourself you can achieve them.

  • I believe cutting out sugar and keeping bad fats down is the way forward annenic and moving as much as you can too. I do wish you good luck and do let us know how you get on. Xxxx

  • My figures were also in the 9's, despite having a reasonable diet. I think it's a family genetic thing as my mother's was as high and did not go below 6 all the time she was on statins. She had a good diet and never weighed over 8 stone 7 in her life. She died aged 85 and not from a heart attack. My brother had an equally high level he tried statins but they gave him muscle and joint pain, I tried them same result. I am now on ezentimbe onside effects but doctors not asked for a blood test so I don't know ifs working.

    You could get tested to see if it's a genetic thing bot I didn't bother as its not that accurate.

    Most of all don't worry about it too much and remember it's the ratio of hdl to ldl that matters not the overall total.

  • Hi I know a couple of people who are coeliac and there does seem to be a lot more food available now than there was years ago. Still not easy though. My cholesteral was over 7 which is a bit high. I was told to stop eating white bread and change to wholemeal, and to cut down on cheese. I do and it has dropped to just over 6 now. x

  • Thanx all. I'll try the diet and hope for the best xx

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